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First Caveman...Now Mountain Man


Any thoughts?


...why is he cutting again?


Yes...if you have to stand directly underneath a light source and eliminate all other light hitting you from any other angle in order to look "built"...you aren't that built.


hope the image shows up

I think he has some muscle but he looks big because he's ripped.

nice physique though


Isnt he only like 160-170?


I saw a video of him eating a raw egg, shell and all.

He's so fricken hardcore.

im most interested in how long it took him to grow the beard, thats what impresses me most. You think when he goes out to the bars he still pulls ?


Edit:use of hardcore, said in jest.


he would be more hardcore if he mixed the scoops of protein in his mouth with the egg and swallowed that.


Looks like a Meth physique.


Pass me the meth...


not much muscle


light source makes him look a bit "cut"

stupid beard

idiot - eats eggs whole - you should always crack them and see if they are OK even if eating the shell. you SHOULD cook them even if only a little.

if you really want to be "tough" and eat something good for training eat rams testicles, and drink blended liver.


I give the beard a 9.


Years old?


or just really pale.


Nothing wrong with eating raw whole eggs, but it IS a good idea to make sure they're alright to eat like you said.

The shell just seems like a really bad idea. Isn't that where most of the salmonella congregates?

The beard's awesome.





why? because how many other people have you seen crack an egg on their teeth and then eat it?


Here's his story:

One day, a really fat, out of shape man took his dog for a walk. He came upon a tree and decided to sit down for a little nap. When he awoke, his dog was nowhere to be seen, he had a very long beard and he was completely ripped and muscular.



hahaha well put. I concede.



Haha...Ripped Van Winkle??


So, napping is the key to getting ripped and muscular? Sweet.