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First Bulk Mass Cycle


so im back and looking into my first big bulk cycle for mass.
I want to run test E at 750mg's per week.
For my first cycle i ran test E at 500.
I want to add one or 2 more compound in to add a lot of mass this fall.
Maybe d-bol and something else?
any suggestions on what i should look into.


Weeks 1-12
750mg Test E
500mg Deca
6 weeks Kick start of 75mg of Drol daily.

Weeks 12-15 Test E

PCT 3 weeks after last injection I would run Nolva


be sure to run an AI with that..

and realize that your diet is what will make it a "bulk" cycle..


yes, did will be geared toward bulking. and i also have arimidex


listen to these guys bro, I am on 600mg test/ 400 deca now with a-dex AI and it is legit, and yes the proper lean diet full of protein made the difference this time. I am up 12 pounds and still lean at week 6, strength is way up.


Me rikey