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First Bulk Cycle - Test E/Dbol

Hello guys! Going to start my first bulk cycle of
Test E- 1-12 week- 250mg/week
Dianabol- 1-8 week -25mg ED
Naolvadex- 14-18 week-40/40/20/20
Stats- 73kg, ~10% bf, Training status - 9 years

Got couple of questions-
1- How do this bulking cycle looks to you guys?
2- How about calorie surplus should be I eating at? I’m thinking of 10% above maintenance
3. How should I track the progress because obviously there will be water gain with muscle. So how much weight gain do I expect per week basis without gaining too much fat

Test dose is too low for a cycle, I’d say up it to 400-500mgs.

I don’t think the test is too low, esp for a 1st cycle, it’s generally best to get the most out of lower doses in my opinion, so in you’re third cycle you aren’t using like a gram/wk already. 250mg/wk (test) and DBOL should be more than enough to grow nicely on a 1st cycle. Done right you can probs gain 10lbs or so.

Test is too low. It’s TRT - will shut you down without getting any higher than normal t levels.

Do 500.

That was the original plan. What about weekly weight gain? I go by 7 days average. Weigh first thing in the morning

It’s impossible to predict that. Some guys blow up fast, others it takes longer. A lot will depend of diet, training, how high your e2 gets, etc. I’ve been running in a decent deficit for five weeks with my trt and epistane, and I’ve dropped 0lbs, but bf is down 1%. Epistane is not known for causing huge glycogen storage, and there’s zero water retention, yet my weight has not budged. But I’m leaning out a bit, which was the goal. But based on my deficit I should be down about 3lbs. Why am I not? Well, because my response to the drug is a little different than the next guy’s. That’s the bitch with this stuff. You can estimate things based off of other users, but it’s ultimately a very individual response.

What your take on 10mg Nolvadex while on Dbol rather than taking an AI? I don’t want to use Nolvadex unless I see some gyno or other effects


That would be perfectly fine to take of the goal is to prevent gyno. But it won’t help with other e2 symptoms, so you’d have to weigh out the risks of skipping an AI before you made a final decision.

I have just undergone a hair transplant surgery and might start the cycle in 2 months time. Just wanted to ask if dbol and test affects the hair loss. I guess worth mentioning I’m 28 and lost my hair because genetically I guess. But will. It still affect my hair if I use test and dbol or run other cycles in the future?

Just shave now, give it up bro. I’m fifty five, lost some hair through TRT but still have a full head, shaved it last summer, felt great.

Just do it.

Sorry forgot to mention just got my hair transplant done yesterday and still recovering and no training for 3 weeks but then will be doing cycle after a months time of proper recovery. Any suggestions?



Why bump? More questions?

Yeah I have undergone hair transplant surgery. The test and Dbol cycle I’m about to do will affected my transplanted hair?

Yes, steroids will have an effect on hair. Some are much more friendly on the hairline than others, but any time you’re messing with hormones there will be a reaction. If you just had a hair transplant then you obviously care about your hair and its appearance. You also obviously were losing your hair. Taking testosterone could very well render that transplant useless because the guys who lose their hair on gear are the ones prone to losing their hair. You have to choose if you want hair or if you want to use gear. Since you already went through a transplant I think you already made that decision.

I agree but as I have done some research. As te transplanted hair are taken for the donor area(back of your head) and its resistant to DHT. So should I still be careful with a cycle?

Why would hair from the back of your head be resistant to DHT? Look, if you want to run the cycle then just run it. It’s your body, you have to make the most informed choice you can.

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That’s what I have been told by my physician that hair taken from back area are DHT resistant and I have done some rearch online it says the same