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First Bodyweight Snatch


Still not very good, only 75kg (weighed in at 74.1 this morning) but still pretty happy that I finally nailed it. Taken some time out to sort a long standing knee issue, 4th day back to lifting. Can't wait to hit some more PR's.


Nice mate. I'm also aiming for a BW snatch. How long did it take you to get there?

One small thing I saw is that the bar seems to be not close enough (after the 2nd pull) to the body but what do I know.


strong work. ah to be young and flexible again, sigh...


Good work, congrats on the PB!

You can finish a bit more and keep the bar closer but it's nothing major man. Did you try more weight? Work on getting to rock bottom under the bar faster.



Very nice! Congrats!

During the last month I had my first ever attempts of a BW snatch (70 kg)

  1. pulled it to chest height, couldn't get under the bar
  2. jumped under it but did not finish pull
  3. finished pull, got under it but lost it behind

As you can see I'm getting closer and closer... :smiley:


I caught 80, stayed down there for a second or two but lost it forward. It was probably there but I figured no point in failing baby weights, I ll wait a few sessions and nail it then. You going to be around the club over xmas?


lol I didn't realise it was YOU Dave!

Why wait for a few sessions mate? wtf?! Go straight back in to do it. Get a video of your missed lifts. It will tell me a lot about your lifting.

Your looking good (the bandana looks sh!t btw, so remove that monstrosity of head wear), finish the pull more, and keep it closer and PULL UNDER THE BAR FASTER TO ROCK BOTTOM. The bar was in front because you didn't keep it close enough.

I'm out 25th December till 14th Jan. Off to Cambodia baby! I'll be at the club not this Saturday but every other Saturday till 25th December.



Bitch please, the headband is awesome!!! I will do next time. I've been working like a bitch on my bottom position, I can get into it a lot better squatting down but descending fast still needs more work. I'm doing it x 2 a day, everyday though. I think I'm back around the 17-18th so I'll be along to Woking then mate.


That's impressive man. Looked real smooth. I've set myself that same goal, but a power snatch from the hang. I'm a ways off though.


unfortunately for me, a body weight snatch for me would damn near be the American masters record for my weight class...haha...so I doubt I am ever gonna get that.

did hit a ugly 100kg couple of weeks ago. my surgically repaired elbow told me that day that I probably would not be doing much more than that ever...


still stuck on 150 lbs snatch , 30 more lbs needed to reach my bodyweight .. i will be there soon .


Get a video of you Snatching from the hang WITH JUST THE BAR, see how fast you get to full extension and then back down to the floor. For me this is one of the most important exercises to do. This will determine how fast you are under heavy weights and how flexible you are.

Cool man, see you around 18th :slightly_smiling:

Solid Goal :slightly_smiling:

Hmmmmm...I'm probably about that but the hang is much much f0cking harder then the floor. I go from 105 to 88-90 but I never do stuff from the hang anymore.

I want to PS 120 someday....maybe 3yrs? But I should be there when my full Snatch is around 140-145 :smiley:

Nice mate, get on it!