First Bodybuilding Show in July, Diet & Workout

I’m going to do my first bodybuilding show in July which makes me about 3 months out. I have a powerlifting and strongman background, I am currently 202Lbs at 5’10”. I’m showing definition in about everything but my lower stomach. I have the top abs and the V but need work in the kitchen. Was just looking for any recommended dieting info/tips.

Also if anyone has a good workout plan I’d be willing to try it out. Right now I’m doing a push day 1, legs day 2, and pull day three roughly 5-6 times a week. Everything is 10-12 or 12-15 reps. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you…. Also how many days should I do cardio? I’ve been using the stair machine 15 mins every other day. Thankyou!

Post a picture.

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What does your diet look like?

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The very first thing to do is clean up your diet. No processed foods. No sugar.

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Hey @littledog90 !! Long time no see.

Edit: I’d also recommend 100% hiring a coach. The coach I used briefly a while back was a monster and just got his pro card. He was very affordable and had coached plenty of people.

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Would it more appropriate to say you are seeing muscle group separation? Many times definition implies striations. For this conversation we should address your detail as either muscle separation or striations. “Definition” is not specific enough.

Quite a bit before you are stage ready you will see striations in your delts. This a good thing, and shows you are making progress. So when seeing striations, tell us where you are seeing them.

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Yo man question. Were you on one of my test articles? I’m wondering if I should do another cycle of just test. It’s been over a year since my last cycle, battled a broken back and some other things I’m recovered from…

I’m not a good person to ask that. I’m wreckless and if it wasn’t for sides and lack of ability to progress, I’d do lots of drugs all the time.

This is a question only you can answer. Hopefully you’ll think deeply and make the right call for the right reasons.

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Do you have any drugs you recommend for building strength, size, but also promoting fat loss

No. I suck at gaining muscle and taking drugs. You’re also asking for a miracle response wanting all those things at once, and that’s assuming training, nutrition, and recovery are all perfect.

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You need a coach dude.

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You forgot to post a picture.

Seriously, if you want help, we’re going to need to see where you are now in terms of conditioning.

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Most all AAS will build strength and size. Some are better than others and, of course, quality and quantity will factor in greatly. Some of my favorites were: testosterone, Dianabol, Deca, Winstrol, Anavar, Tren, (short runs of Anadrol)

Any time you gain muscle, your body will “burn more fat while you sleep.” This is what I told everyone who wanted to know how I stayed reasonably lean. Of course, this assumes you aren’t overly fat at the time. My heaviest weight was about 22lbs over stage weight.