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First Bodybuilding Routine?


After 4 years of atheltic/strength training I'm done playing sports and I feel like I have enough base strength to move on from strength training. I'm 5'8", 155lbs lean mass, 30lbs fat mass, 185lbs total. 345x5 squat, 395x5 dead, 245x5 bench, press 165x5, row 195x5. Is this good enough to start training for hypertrophy?

Also, what's a good program for me to do for bodybuilding? I've only done 5x5 routines in the past.


No!!! Absolutely not, you have to bench 346.87lbs and squat 476.77lbs...and wait until certain planets line up before even thinking about building muscle! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it's fine, building muscle = strength for reps

Find a good 3 or 4 way split and do it 4-6x/week. For example, a three way split would be:


A 4 way split could be:

Chest & Triceps/Back & Biceps/Legs/Shoulders

Nothing majorly changes, maybe just a bit more reps and more exercises.



Some good routines in here to get you going


Here is a good idea to get you started.



LOL....beat ya to it ^^^^ :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the link guys, good thread! But is that Kingsbeef guy natural?

Anyways I like these...

.....6 day split, hitting muscle 2x per week, push/pull/legs.....

*1 set to failure for each exercise except where otherwise noted
*rest 90-120 secs between ramp sets and up to 3 mins before final set to failure
*should be able to finish these workouts in an hour or less

Monday - Chest/Shoulders/Tri's
Lo Incline Dumbbell Press- 3x4-8
Decline Barbell Press- 2x6-10
Seated overhead Barbell press- 3x6-10
Cable Lateral raises- 3x6-10
Shrugs- 3x6-10
Lying Behind the head extensions- 3x6-10
1 arm overhead extensions- 2x6-10

Tuesday - Back/Bi's/Calves
Weighted Pull ups- 3x4-6
Seated straight bar Rows- 3x8-10
Pinwheel Curls- 3x4-8
Incline curls- 3x4-8
Standing Calf Raises- 3x4-8 (2)
Leg Press Calf Raises- 2x12-15

Wednesday - Legs/Abs
Seated Leg Curls- 3x6-10
RDL's- 3x6-10
Leg Press- 3x6-10
Front Squats- 3x4-8
Weighted crunches- 3x12-15
Weighted planks- 3x30secs (weight on lowerback/glutes)

Thursday - Chest/Shoulders/Tri's
Flat Dumbbell Press- 3x4-8
Incline Barbell Press- 2x6-10
Seated Overhead dumbbell Press- 3x6-10
Dumbbell lateral raises- 3x6-10
Machine Dips- 3x6-10
French Press (can you tell I love these?)- 2x6-10

Friday - Back/Bi's/Calves
Barbell Rows- 3x6-10
Straight bar Pulldowns (shoulder with grip)- 3x6-10
Alt Dumbbell Curls- 3x6-10
Reverse Preacher curls- 2x6-10
Seated Calf Raises-5x6-12 (3)

Saturday - Legs/Abs
Lying Leg curls- 3x4-8
Single Leg curls- 2x6-10
Squats- 3x6-10
Hack Squats (close stance)- 3x6-10
Cable Rope crunches- 3x12-15
Weighted leg raises- 2x12-15


Monday - Chest/Tris
Incline dumbbell Press - 2x4-8
Flat Barbell Press - 2x4-8 (1xacc)
Dips - 2x4-8 (2xacc)
Pushdowns - 2x4-8
French Press - 2x4-8 (1 10 rep set just to make sure elbows are ready)

Tuesday - Back/Bis
Barbell Rows - 3x4-8
Neutral grip Pulldowns - 2x4-8
Medium Grip pulldowns - 1x4-8
Seated Rows - 2x4-8
Pinwheels - 2x4-8
Alternating Dumb curls - 2x4-8

Wednesday - Legs (slow negatives!)
Lying Leg Curls - 2x4-8
RDL's - 2x4-8 (warmup again)
Cybex Leg Press - 2x4-8 (warmup)
Leg Press - 2x4-8 (1xacc)
Hack Squat - 2x4-8 (1xacc)

Thursday - Shoulders
Seated OH Barbell Press (ass slid forward so it's more like a super high incline press) - 2x4-6
Seated Dumbbell Press - 2x4-8
Cable Laterals - 3x6-8
Dumbbell Laterals - 1x6-8
Rear Delt raises on inlcine bench - 3x12-15

Friday - Traps/Calves/Abs/Forearms
Shrugs - 3x4-8

Standing calf raises - 3x4-8
Seated calf raises - 3x4-8

Cable Crunches - 2x10-15
Weighted Leg Raises - 3x10-15

Reverse wrist curls - 2x8-10
Behind Back wrist curls - 2x8-10


Btw, what are all of your opinions on 3xweek full-body 5x5 programs?


Why did you post a routine after having been given few???????

Stop posting, pick a routine, see you in six months on a progress report.

Some people.....


LOL wow...

Yes, KingBeef is natural.



Wow, that is phenomenal. To me, that puts him up with Kelechi Opara, Brandon Curry and Stu as some of the greatest naturals to post on this site. Once he brings his legs up, he'll be sick. That is super, super awesome.


Because those are 2 of those ones given that I like.


Lol. No thanks on the roid splits then.


Another day, another troll...


Sorry, guise, I'm actually not natural. I been usin teh creatinz.

But seriously, LOL @ that comment and thanks 165 :smiley:


Just curious, but g lad you responded. I believe you but I just wanted to make sure the programs would still be good for naturals, in case you weren't.

What are your lifts though? and what of the above programs would you recommened i do?


Brah, those programs only work for Roiderz its all about ovaltine and daily flexing...


I remember being like that ^ when I first came here lol

Your program depends on you and your own recovery ability/areas to bring up/areas to take care of etc, not steroids. A bad program is a bad program, steroids would just mask it (if you took a boatload).

It also depends on your intensity too. More intensity = less volume (either via sets/exercises).

Play around with the volume till you are gaining strength smoothly. Personally, I'm at the lower end of recovery ability and prefer a more HIT oriented routine (one or two working sets, quite an abbreviated routine). I believe KB recommends hitting failure on just one set (maybe 2?)...so really, if you only count those sets (not the more "pumping" sets), it's pretty manageable.

Even if not, the world's not going to implode on itself if you had a day off here or there, or cut some sets/exercises to recover better :slight_smile:


going to try the 2x week frequency one