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First Bodybuilding Contest


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUBcGxICEoI I competed and won my first contest over the weekend. I thought I'd share not for exposure or anything like that just because I'm proud I did it.

And its thanks to the people of this site and the articles, and training advice I was able to have the guts to do this and train the way that things should be trained. And that's not arms everyday, its building strength and staying symmetrical and being a man.

I don't mean for this to be corney or for the stupid. And I'm sure you'll think my squats are no where deep enough but for what its worth thank you T-Nation. You've put me on the first step on a long journey.




Wow. I watched about half of that video and you are one goofy bastard.

And I could hear the girls giggling about your friends squat depth...


not to be an ass but how the hell did you win with such a white tan and a not so muscular body and ok conditionning?




x2 for you being a goofy bastard. lol.

it took balls to get up on stage man, congrats to that.


well I figured add testosterone to bodybuilding no tanning no shaving that's for girls, and that actually helped because everyone else seemed over the top on tanning. And it helped on stage because I stuck out like a sore thumb.

To a not so muscular body ofcourse I resent you saying so but for me to argue would be obnoxious and probably wrong. I was in the teen division I just turned 17 and though there were alot of bodybuilders you only the top three in the video. We all had somewhat akward builds, with mainly large weaknesses.

And I wasn't the biggest guy on stage but I was symmetrical, thanks to this site. My competetors were muscled in some areas but not everywhere, and from your opinion I supposed I was just lightly muscled throughout.

Ok conditioning it sucks you say that too but you have expercience your older so I'm sure your right. That only sucks to hear because the dieting down right sucked and took willpower to get through.

I was pretty soft the night before but I got alot of carbs in that night and managed to come in from my novice point of view hard as I could be and not carrying much water. But either way I won and the judges liked my stuff I got to be Arnold for 2 minutes and after wrestling I guess I have to work on all the weaknesses you see.

Thank you for reading this and watching the video, along with giving me a good point. And thank you everyone for the congrats


Taking into account you're only 17, I say goodjob.


thank you, and nice job to you its off subject but obviously you work out and try to better yourself and on whatever level that makes you deserve respect.


Once you compete your addicted for life. :smiley:

Keep it up man...



no doubt there is no greater high then having someone clap for your poses it makes every second in the gym worth it.


Congrats man. Good build for a 17-year old; keep at it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.






thanks everyone I really appreciate it. But with any compliments comes the need to get better so I dont waste any time you spent on this forum to post a message here. So more work in the gym Mr.Natural Teen Tri-State is next.


I want to compete in the NPC teen nationals 2010 I'll be 19. Maybe if you go the same route I'll see you there. Keep gaining.


Hell I didn't look anywhere near that good at 17, keep it up man.


I didn't see you were 17. Shit, @ 17 I was 6'-1" 150lbs and a pothead....good friggin' work dude!


Yeah, TNT! Keep it up!
And never stop being goofy!
Too many guys take themselves too seriously and they're heavy to be around.


At 17 wow very nice. If u started this early and seem to have a decent grasp of everything, Id say you will kill when you are 21-24.

Good work.