First Bloodwork Results 6 Weeks into TRT

This forum has been hugely helpful to me, first while I was considering TRT and later when I finally pulled the trigger. Today I got back my first bloodwork results after 6 weeks of TRT and I’m hoping for some feedback.

Age: 27
Total testosterone before: 300 ng/dl
Requisite note: I’ve eaten healthily for years, exercise nearly every day, meditate, take vitamins and in general tried nearly everything to naturally raise testosterone.

200mg / week, divided into injections EOD
Originally prescribed HCG but stopped taking it early on because I felt badly after taking it and so decided just to cut it and focus on fewer variables

Total testosterone: 1120 ng/dl
Free testosterone: 285 pg/ml
SHBG: 31 nmol/L
Estradiol: 32 pg/ml

Overall, I feel pretty good, with almost no baseless anxiety and much calmer/level-headed all around. I’m happy with how I’m doing in the gym lately. The only thing that’s still bugging me is lack of morning wood (which came and went around week 3) and zero libido.

Great results. Did you mean 28.5 for your FT? The range for pg/ml is 9.3-26.5.

Some people report libido goes away first few months on TRT. I’d keep with your protocol longer and then get more lab results after another month or two.

It would be nice to have reference ranges, especially for FT. While your levels are now stable it may take more time for your body to start using these higher hormone levels. Gene expression between tissue must occur and tissue must be repaired before any benefits are had.

It’s usually the impatient members that are always changing their dosages that take forever to get things right. TRT will take up to 1 year and likely longer to realize maximum benefits.

It could be as simple as your levels are too high, too much testosterone can cause problems with erections the same as having low testosterone.

I think you need to leave things alone for now, 8 weeks is usually when things iron themselves out whenever I make changes to my protocol.

Your labs looks good, but I would like to see your thyroid and iron values as well since these can cause low libido if they are bad.