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First Bloodwork Back. Opinions?

Afternoon guys,

Have not commented in quite a while. Been incredibly busy. Anyway, I got my first blood work back today, I have now been taking 100mg Test cypronate per week since late April. I posted some of my progress before life got in the way. But everything has remained on the up thankfully. my sex drive is great, moods are great and my performance in the gym has been pretty incredible. I have gone from 168 pounds to 175 pounds in 3 months, benching 275lbs, before the T I was benching only around 200. Anyway, here were my results:

Total T- 1276 ng/dl
Free T- 126
SGHB- 63
E2- 45 pg/ml

My starting labs prior to TRT were as follows.

Total T- 50ng/dl
Free T- too low to report
E2- Too low to report

My CBC is fine. My HCT is up a bit, but it is still below 50. I am a little concerned about my E2. The range the lab has for E2 is 18-42 pg/ml. I am sitting at 45, but I feel fine? So I don’t know if I should just roll with it or not. I have an appointment to see my Dr in two weeks for a new script. Anyway, what do you guys think? Also I took the blood work two days after I took my weekly shot, it was my only available day. Thanks everyone.

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Sounds great, I’d leave it, especially considering the timing of your blood test. Make sure your doctor knows that.

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that’s what I figured bro, I was shocked to see how high my T was, but then I remembered it was Tuesday morning and I take my shot religiously sunday morning when I wake up. He wrote a note saying that as long as I feel good I can continue taking 100mg/per week. But I could decrease it a bit if I am not feeling well. He’s not caught up in the numbers and he has been flexible with me which has been nice.

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I feel the best I’ve felt. If you aren’t having issues then numbers are just numbers. Your T to E ratio looks pretty ideal.

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I agree, keep on doing what works and don’t become overly concerned with the numbers unless you have symptoms to report, if symptoms are encountered lower your dosage or spit dosages into two.

An HCT 50%> is no concern unless there are symptoms, HCT <54% is recommended. My position is more pressure on the pipes the harder the heart has to work over the long term.


For sure, I already considered splitting doses. I remember you and I had this discussion about possibly splitting my doses if needed. But I think when I meet with my MD I am going to stay the course. I feel really great. I honestly thought I would be like in the 500-600 range. I never thought I would be at 1276. But I don’t wanna decrease my T dosage because my SHBG is on the higher side, 63 now, was 77. My free T is 124, which is fine, but I am afraid it will drop quite a bit if I start messing with my doses. I am surprised I don’t need more than 100mg a week considering how low I was to start.

thanks bro, congrats on feeling better! Its certainly life changing

My HCT was close to 52% 5 months ago. Recently cut dose in half and started e3.5d subq injections. Will do bloods after 6-8 weeks to see where im at. What other symptoms do you have in mind regarding this matter if you mind sharing?


So far no symptoms of anything. I feel great.