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First Bloods Since Switching to Injections

Hey all , so hot first bloods back since switching to injections. HVd posted a bit elsewhere but here’s some background. Fit, work as firefighter, 5’11 195 probably around 15% bf most located around love handle lower abs. Started trt on gel, put my tnt up around 1000, but e2 was around 15 switched to sub q cypionate(ugl) 50 mg 2x week. Still have had low libido when linido pre trt was through the roof. Also not feeling super great in the gym , in reality not noticing much of any of the positives that I see most of you notice.
Pre Trt numbers were around 390-400.
So after 5 weeks on new injection protocol here are new numbers. All done at Canadian lab so values may be different for some of you.
Labs were drawn 48 hours post injection of 50 mg

Conversion of it helps- estradiol 19 pg/ml
TT- 706 ng/dl
FT- 16 ng/dl or 164 pg/ml.

All feedback is appreciated.

At 48 hours post injection, these levels are your peak. That’s still pretty low for total and free T. You could probably up your protocol a bit, maybe up to around 150mg total a week or so.

On your next bloods, you should shoot for your trough based on your injection protocol. In other words, if you inject Mon and Thurs, then have your draw done on Mon morning just before your injection.

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I agree with @bmbrady77. You have room to play here. Your hct is on the low end and if that’s a peak reading those numbers suck. Those should be trough numbers. Even then they still kinda suck. I think a dosage increase is in order.

So today is injection day, what would you suggest? One other thing, bloods were taken after being up for 30 hours after a tough shift, would that effect anything? As test is now exogenous figuring that wouldn’t be affected

I echo what was said above. Up your dosage.

Having had a great sex drive pre trt, and numbers that aren’t ridiculously low, I never would’ve gone to TRT.

You could address the low test numbers in other ways: was sleep off? stress?

I’d go off trt and get that sex drive back.

What would you increase to?

Sorry to mention brother,your LDL to HDL ratio is quite Alarming, you’re HDL was 0.97 which is (37) your LDL is borderline High at 138, and Super High Triglycerides at 170 when optimal is 100 or less. I wonder what your Diet plan is brother, and honestly Less Saturated fat isn’t going to kill you, it would certainly improve your Lipids fast.

Well there in lies the question, and you need to consider your audience here. I am more of a subscriber to the overshoot and then titrate down if necessary protocols. That being said I would at least go to where @bmbrady77 said or even a bit higher. That 700 number should be a trough reading IMHO so doubling that with an average of around 1000+, and a higher FT, would make you feel better.

And seeing what @dannybrouk just posted, were you fasted with water only, for 12 hours, before you had your draw?

I’ve always had borderline cholesterol numbers. Diets not bad, eat a lot of good stuff but am not averse to baked goods and meats. I did eat 3 hours prior to test so that may affect

That means your lipid tests were pretty much a waste of time and money.

I wouldn’t eat cheese anymore anyways, Sure it can taste good, but it’s a pointless food that plugs up your body with tons of saturated fat, much Healthier saturated fat is Coconut Milk or reduced coconut cream on food. I have a Medium Carb intake now every day, i did hear tons of carbs increases Trigylcerides but i am not expert, LDL can be dramatically reduced by eating lean meats such as chicken by fried or preferable grilled chickens with potatoe, if you already eat Red meat drop it completely and if you eat cheese drop it completely i can guranatee you Brother your current LDL will go from 138 all way below 90 if you keep at a Lean Meat diet for 6 months plus up to 1 year. Turkey is the leanest & Good for heart, but the taste maybe too Plain Bland for most people.

Tests are free here. I’ve done fasted and non. Very little difference for me

Ya all good suggestions But realistically I won’t cut all out entirely. Like the good things in life! Plus it’s hard to eat healthy at the firehouse!

I think 150 mgs per week is reasonable. Based on your numbers I think that’s a safe and conservative bet. Go for it and keep in touch with updates on how you feel

Oh ok cool deal. No harm no foul.

Roscoe raises good points.

I would only go up to 60 two times a week. 120 a week.

This is trt. Less medicine to achieve a good free t is the goal. Symptoms take months to correct and start feeling all the benefits

Your Free T is barely decent on peak, likely not the case on trough. I felt like death below the top of the ranges. You need to be between at the top of higher.

Also your levels aren’t even stable yet, another week to go. You’re supposed to do labs at 6 weeks after levels stabilize, you’re counting your chickens before they hatch.