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First Bloods, Advice Needed for High E2

Good morning all just like a touch of advice after having crashed e2 I’ve just had first bloods drawn my testosterone and free t came back very high and estrogen came back high end of normal range doctor doesn’t like to give figures because I’ve micromanaged before, when my e2 was crashed I took 125mg to e5d to bring it back up now I’m high with tight balls and ear flushing how should I proceed I figured I would wait a week from last shot and then dose 62.5mg e4days to rectify am I write to try this first given the fact quater of an AI crashed me last time doctor’s slow to give out advice and it’s becoming clear high e2 gives me acne personally

Really? your doctor will not give you your blood numbers with the ranges? That is fucked up.
What do you expect from us with no real numbers and ranges. Do you want us to guess?

A lot of doctors are similar I’ve micromanaged in the past and it’s not as if it’s a total blind guess high end of normal estrogen is high end of normal, I figured if adex crashed me before splitting and lowering the dose would also rectify this in time after all even with numbers it’s best intelligent guess is it not

Let’s start with all the relevant labs and figure out if your protocol is to blame for high estrogen, from what you mention it sounds like this is the case. It also sounds like your doctor is keeping you in the dark, this is supposed to be a doctor/patient relationship where communication is critical.

I’ve seen this before, your doctor probably doesn’t know how to interrupt the labs values and doesn’t want to be found out he is clueless.

Your Dr can not refuse to give you your lab results. He should be giving you a copy and explaining every test result

Yes it is due to shifting protocol to much, in the UK trt is in its infancy compared to America I’m with optimale one of the only providers of trt there very responsive but there only go between facilitators between you and the doctor getting the doctors answer takes a while in essence I started off with a protocol of 125mg of enanthate a week I started feeling good close to sweet spot but no cigar I experienced a temporary fluctuation of high e2 and I reacted to quick took 0.25mg of adex and crashed e2 so to rectify this I changed only slightly to 125mg e5d instead of e7d I’ve literally just noticed high e2 5 weeks later blood confirmed e2 still in range but high normal range so all I was asking is is it best to now change injection frequency to 62.mg every 4 days therefore getting less aromatase and wait for it to come down or risk crashing e2 again with small ai dose

I agree I’d like a visual look at numbers to put mind at ease

At 125mg every 5 days you are taking 175mg per week. How about dropping to 125mg per week, divided into twice weekly injections?


Yes thanks that’s what I’m going to do I’ll probably go 62.mg e4days from here on out less is more

I was thinking every 3.5 days to keep the schedule on the same each week. Twelve hours doesn’t matter much.

“High end of normal” doesn’t mean anything. Almost everyone on TRT will be at least at the high end of normal for E2 without an AI, E2 levels on synthetic hormones are a little different than what you would have n natural production. Leave the AI alone, the acne will go away after a couple of weeks on it’s own once your body adjusts. The acne is a result of the hormone fluctuation and it’s temporary if you ride it out for a week or so. And seriously, acne is not an actual side of the variety that matters, it’s not justification for an AI all by itself. Especially in a guy that crashed on 1/4 pill.

Okey doke I guess splitting the dose would help greatly and just carry on consistently from here on out then a couple of weeks it should stabilise without an AI hopefully that should be enough to bring my e2 back in range

Thank you I figured as much, and not overly bothered about acne but generally feel like shit libido wise energy wise and mood wise I think e2 needs to be a little to lower to start reaping all the benefits again but I’m sure a Monday Thursday split will rectify it in a couple of weeks

Libido issues are shown to be less comon at higher E2 actually. ED issues come with higher E2 for some guys, but for guys on TRT libido has been found to be better at “high” E2.

Unusual all positive trt effects are pretty much dead in the water at the moment I always tend to get the feeling if you’ve screwed it up once it’s nearly impossible to get positive back without a break and restart

Stopping and starting is about the worst way to handle it. You have to just be patient and let things balance out. You hit levels of hormone that you’re not used to and your body freaks out. If you just carry on and make at most minor changes and only one thing at a time, you get it where it needs to be.

You’ll never get anywhere quitting and restarting because it takes time for your hormones to balance out. You may need more frequent dosing from the sound of things, you may be one of those guys who is sensitive to moderate doses.

More frequent dosing has been shown to be more effective for some individuals and even helps by leveling out the big hormone swings that seem to be the cause of all the problems. A daily protocol was the smoothest and notice zero hormone fluctuations after making changes to dosages.