First Blood Tests After Starting TRT

This month, on March 5th I began TRT via testosterone cypionate injections.
On this day I was injected with 1cc containing 200mg of testosterone cypionate suspended in grape seed oil. The doctor gave me paperwork for a blood analysis and told me to have it done after waiting one full week from the day of injection, which I did, thus having it done on March 12th.

Today I wnt in for the results which were as follows:

WBC: 4.3 (Range 3.4-10.8)
RBC: 4.68 (Range 4.14-5.80)
Hemoglobin: 13.0 (Range 13.0-17.7)
Hematocrit: 40.0 (Range 37.5-51.0)
MCV: 86 (Range 79-87)
MCH: 27.8 (Range 26.6-33.0)

Serum Glucose: 91 (Range 65-99)
AST: 14 (Range 0-40)
ALT:13 (Range 0-44)

Total Cholesterol: 163 (Range 100-199)
Triglycerides: 67 (Range 0-149)
HDL: 35 (Range >39)
LDL: 115 (Range 0-99)

Total PSA: 2.0 (Range 0.0-4.0)
Free PSA: 0.25 (Range N/A)

Cortisol: 10.4 (Range 6.2-19.4)
Prolactin: 8.6 (Range 4.0-15.2)
ESTRADIOL: 5.4 (Range 7.6-42.6)

TOTAL TESTOSTERONE: 1100 (Range 264-916)
Free Testosterone (Direct): 14.6 (Range 7.2-24/0)

Vitamin D: 42.7 (Range 30.0-100.0)

C-Reactive Protein: 0.57 (Range Low Risk <1.00)

In December 2017 my PSA was 1.52 prior to TRT and now is exactly 2.0

Could that slight jump simply be from the introduction of testosterone to my body?

My Estradiol was quite low and I AM NOT taking any aromatase inhibitor, nor was I prescribed one, but I do take 50mg of Zinc every day and I’ve read that Zinc has aromatase inhibiting properties.

Upon seeing these results the doctor wants to give me the very same injection of 1cc containing 200mg of Test Cypionate once every seven (7) days and then recheck the blood work in 90 days to see what the numbers are then in order to make any necessary adjustments or dialing in of the Tesosterone dose.

He said to not take the Zinc every day so as to allow the estradiol to rise a little and he thought that it was strange that it was low but offered no reason as to why it was.

I know that a lot of you guys here have A LOT of experience in this, some of you know more than some doctors do, so if you have any ideas or advice it’d be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!

If I left anything important off of these readings let me know, I only put what I thought was pertinent to TRT treatment, but I can add more from the bloodwork if something crucial is missing.

Sounds like you have high SHBG based on your low free T number and higher PSA numbers.

My understanding is they a bump in PSA can happen when taking TRT.

I am sure those with much more knowledge will chime in.