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First Blood Test


i know there are a couple of long ass posts about this, but they go into way too much detail about too many things i don't understand. i already did a search, ok. so i am going to get my first blood work done in march, i was wondering what tests i should have them run. this is just for my own knowledge and to create a base point for my levels. i just want to learn more about my own needs as far as building muscle are concerned. i figure i can zero in on some possible shortcomings i may have. what tests should i have them run for my first time? thanks for the help ya'll.



Cy Willson

Article= Level with me doc how long do I got

everything you need to know and get. DONT take no for an answer its your Blood if they wont test it find a doc who will.

good luck




Definitely have the doc check your prostate to make sure it's not palpably suspicious. It's a simple test, shouldn't cost much, if anything.


thats the long ass thread i was talking about. there are way to many tests there for me to ask for. or is there? should i tell them i want all of those, or is that overkill. the person i spoke with asked me what tests i want, i did not know, and i still don't. what do you guys get tested for? i doubt i need everything in that thread is my point.


This should help.



Those are pretty standard tests, I went in for a physical recently and had all of them ran on my blood work. Tell them you want everything checked...


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do they charge more for more tests? i would think so, but if not i will get them all. if they do charge allot more i will be getting the min. thanks for the help, it is much appreciated.


Yes more = more usually depends on insurance.

They are worth getting and knowing instead of guessing and wondering.