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First Blood (DL Shinscraping)


So, I'm starting to get bloody shins.
I like it, but my common sense tells me that open "wounds" are not good.
I'd like to know if you know/think this is dangerous.

Strength to you, Vlad


Slap some petroleum jelly on your shins before deadlifting.


I gave myself four new pairs of knee socks for Christmas.


I've just been wearing pants it seems to work so far. Usually when I scrape the bar barley touches me but the metal bar against the thin skin on your shins is enough to make it bleed, pants seem good to prevent this.


Unless your deadlifting in shark infested waters, or cleaning septic tanks barefoot I don't see how it could be dangerous. I think the risk of stress related illnesses from worrying about it is about as likely as getting gang green from taking the skin of your shin.


Umm. I wouldn't want to take the risk of MRSA. Considering how many people are in a gym, touching the bar, disinfecting the benches but not the bars, etc... You never know what someone has, until you get it from them.

Well, I'm on the same page as the OP. Just use long, knee high socks. They work great. Also, baby powder on the shins/socks helps it slide. Just like it does when someone uses it on their hand when they play billiards.


I use long socks and/or long socks, but I still bleed at times... I'd still be sure to wipe the bar before and after any shinscraping sets.

Luckily I don't have to worry about getting MRSA, again, since I have my garage gym.



Deadlift socks

Or a guy on my team likes to put duct tape on his shins, works well, slides well. Obviously don't do this if you do not shave your legs

The petroleum jelly mentioned above is not allowed in powerlifting.


Just push the knees back more, and don't forget to push the knees OUT to the sides if you have to. This may force you to come up on the sides of your feet, this is fine.


Thank you.

I couldn't wear pants due to my stance: My hands would tend to grab my pants at the beginning of the pull; switched to a slightly wider stance, so now it might work.

I'll also try long socks.


Some people are simply more prone to shin scraping due to their biomechanics. Something about the relative length of the femur to tibia. Trap bars or dumbbells are your friend here.


If you end up bleeding despite socks, you could get some soccer shin guards. In the IPF, you are allowed "light protective guards between sock and shin".