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First Blast with Dbol then Winnie

I’m 31. I started with TRT before I switched to taking test c @ 300mg/wk for a year now (TRT 200mg for 2 months) because buying it myself was a lot cheaper than TRT. I’m planning my first blast cycle. The plan is to take Dbol then switch to Winnie. Bulk then lean. This will be my first so I would like to learn from those who have done.

Test C-300mg/wk
Dbol-Oral 30mg-50mg/daily wk 1-4
Winnie-Oral 30mg-50mg/daily wk 5-10
Winnie-Oral 10mg-30mg/daily wk 11-12

Age 31.
Weight 210
BF 22%
Weight lifting since 17 but somewhat lessen when I enlisted in the US Marines from 18-24. Last two years, gym 5-6 days a week for 2 hours.
Last labs done in 11/2018. Everything within normal range. Total test was around 700.

My goal is to look amazing for my wife at 10 years anniversary (Aug/2019) before settling as an old man dad.

Edit: It turns out my BF was much lower than what the inbody scan told me. I had a doc measured it professionally and it was 14-15%.
My new plan is listed below.

That’s a long run of orals. So you’ve been running 300mg for a year now? Or 200 and now bumping to 300mg?

Dbol + 22% bf = nightmare

Dbol is tricky for a lot of guys. The e2 management can be a challenge. The more body fat you have the more e2 issues can arise. Now that’s not a dealbreaker. But it’s an issue that you need to be aware of. The bigger issue is this…

You are wasting your time with this kind of blast. In the four weeks you’ll spend on dbol you will not gain very much actual, real muscle. Dbol is excellent for strength and for filling your muscles up with glycogen, and adding some subcutaneous water. You’ll certainly get bigger. But it won’t be the kind of bigger that you ultimately want. How do I know what you want, you might ask? Because the back half of your blast is designed for cutting. You want to bulk up then lean down. Problem is that you want that in a very small amount of time. Cycles are run with a specific purpose. Blasts are no different. The reason nobody recommends bulking and cutting in the same cycle is because it’s physiologically the most difficult thing to do and takes precision, experience, and far more drugs than you are equipped with. If you want to cut down some body fat then just…do…that. It can be accomplished on trt alone, frankly. But if you want to make it easier then sure, up your test dose. Cut slowly but methodically for six weeks, then run winstrol for the last six (but don’t go nutty with the dose). 99% of what you want to accomplish can be done in your kitchen. Dbol, especially at those doses, is great for bulking. You don’t need to bulk. At your weight (and assuming you’re not 6’4”+) you don’t need more size on you just yet. If you attempt to bulk at your current size you’ll end up with +25% bf and it will be that much harder to drop the weight as you go from eating in a surplus to eating in a deficit. Your plan now is set up to ensure you fail. If you’d like to not fail then you should reapproach your thinking on this and find a plan that’s more likely to give you the best chance of success.

Thanks for the info. I’ll try blasting on winstrol only. What dose do you recommend for the first blast? How much should I increase on the test c?

Forgot to mention, I’m 5’9’’. BF used to be 28. I’m struck on 22 for the past 3 months. Diet and cardio not working (1800 calories 210g protein, and 15-30 mins cardio). The goal is to have 15 bf.

If you are stuck something is wrong with the diet. Could you please write out EXACTLY what you eat per day? Don’t leave anything out.

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What kind of cardio are you doing? If you’re not doing LISS give that a try for a few weeks. Lower for longer has a lot of benefits, and it could help to change up your routine.

Side note: you’re 31 and celebrating your 10 year anniversary. I’m no mathematician, but that’s 10 years with the same woman and you started at 21. Good for you, man. The most important part of your whole post was that fact right there. A good marriage will do more for your health than any advice anyone here could ever give you.


Another great enlightening iron moment!.

Every other day.
210g protein
210g carbs
50g fat
210g protein
100g fat
100g carbs

I can’t completely leave out carbs since my bowel would be able to handle carb free.

My cardio on avg is 15 mins
I would walk 2 mins then sprint 1 min, then again and again.

Same woman 10 years. You get married early when you’re in the military. Anything to get out of the barracks. I’m just surprised she’s never left.

I wouldn’t start on Winnie until until Apr. Still want to do more research on it and I want to get as low BF as possible.

The plan changed:
Test C-300mg/wk
Winnie-Oral 10mg-30mg/daily wk 1-2
Winnie-Oral 30mg-50mg/daily wk 3-6
Winnie-Oral 30mg-10mg/daily wk 7-8

Since it’s my first blast, is 8 wks too long or should I change to 6 wks. Anything else should I take along with it. The dose good or should I change it? Should I increase the Test-C to something higher or remine the same?

Okay thanks for the macro breakdown, how about exactly what you eat though? Specific foods.

If you are t losing weight you will either have to decrease calories or increase calories burned through exercise.

4 meals on work day, 3 on off days
Breakfast-eggs with/without turkey bacon, oatmeal or Kodiak pancake, yogurt
Lunch-chicken or tuna (skip on off day)
Before gym-protein shake
Dinner-Any meat on sale, plus carrots or salad with rice.

Gym 5 or 6 days a week
15-30 mins cardios
Then 3 day split of chest/back, Legs/Shoulders, arms
12 sets each large body parts. 11 sets on small.

I would to add my genetics might play a part. Everyone in the family are around 20 plus BF.

Wait, you are doing 300 a week of test and your total test level is only 700?

Yes. I have very low t. It was 170 b4 I started trt. I was also fat, just didn’t look it.

It should be closer to 12 weeks. And I’d bump up your test dose to 500/week divided in two pins.

I also dont think you are going to get the results you’re hoping for on Winny. I’ve run it when I was closer to your BF and it didnt work for me. You might think about adding 300 Mg/Masteron Eth instead. You can pin it (twice a week) with your test and it had anti-E effects too. Alot people believe that it only works in low BF situations but I’ve found it hardens me up nicely. It also has a nice impact on libido.

I’ve just had my BF measured by a doc instead of the inbody scan at the gym. The doc said 15% but the inbody still say 23%.

My new plan is:
600 or 700 mg test a week (pin twice a week) for 10 weeks then drop it to 380 for cruise.
400 mg Deca a week pin with test for 5 weeks
30-40 mg Dbol a day for 5 weeks.

I advise against this. 380 mg a week is not really a cruise. Cycles start at about 400 mg a week.

I don’t know how you achieved a TT of 700 on 300 a week. Are you pinning only once per week? If so increase to twice. If already pinning twice, your gear is most likely under dosed.

Deca is not a good drug to use on your first blast, in fact it is close to the last drug you should consider. Deca is an estered nandralone. Nandralone based compounds (Deca, NPP, and Tren) have nasty side effects, that are related to prolactin (and it seems the science is pointing also to dopamine). Experienced users know how to combat these (caber), but it can be hard to know if you are getting sides from E2 from the test, or prolactin sides from the nandralone. You need to determine what it feels like just on a test cycle, so you can rule out testosterone effects when running more compounds.

This is also too much gear in general. Just run 500 mg of test/wk, and if you must do a dbol kicker.

Please search “Deca Dick” before you do this.

I’m on 380 test c a week now. Pin twice a wk. Been on that for 6 weeks. Gear is from a TRT doc. Labs cleared it to good dose. Labs came back to be for total T to be 880 and no bad side effects. I have been diagnosed hypogonadism since last year. Started 200mg in Jan 2018 and have been increase the doses to 380mg. 200mg brought my total t 400, 300mg to 700, and now 380mg to 880.
No side effects. Acne min, more than last year but far less than when I was a teen. No Gyno, no bloating. Don’t take AI, but I will have some on hand during this blast cycle.
Ben, Thanks for your advice. I will skip deca. Was unsure if deca is good for first dose so I just threw it out there. My research said dbol by itself is good enough for first time.
I feel good on 380 mg of test so I will still plan to up it gradually to 700mg for 12 wks then drop it back to 380 mg.
Dbol starts at 30mg, then to 40mg, then to 30mg on the final week.
|Wk 1|500 mg test|30 mg Dbol|
|Wk 2|600 test|40 dbol|
|Wk 3|700 test|40 dbol|
|Wk 4|700 test|40 dbol|
|Wk 5|700 test|30 dbol|
|Wk 6|700 test||
|Wk 7|700 test||
|Wk 8|700 test||
|Wk 9|700 test||
|Wk 10|700 test||
|Wk 11|600 test||
|Wk 12|500 test||
|Cruise|380 test||

Anybody has any advice to add. I would love to hear it.

If you have evidence in your lab work that those are your numbers, I won’t object to you using 380 mg as a cruise (880 ng/dl is a good spot to be for TRT).

You seem to metabolize testosterone very quickly. You may need high doses to get a supraphysiological impact.

Deca has it’s place, but you are wise to not use it now.

Hey, Ben

I feel good on 380mg test C. Been jacking off 10 times a week for the last month.
Since everybody ask, yy wife limits sex to once a week and I’m faithful so Jill is all I have. My wife doesn’t take pills and I don’t use condoms. So my wife limits it because she hates blowing me…

How many cycles will it takes before I can try deca?

You need a new wife…