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First Blast on TRT - Test Cyp + Anavar?

Hi Guys,
New member here on the forum but have I been reading the great content hear for a long while, trying to educate myself, but advice and guidance would be much appreciated.

I am 39, have been on TRT for a year and have worked out a stable protocol with my doc. I am ready to look at a 10 to 12 week blast.

TRT Protocol (My doc believes in microdosing):

  • 13.75mg / 0.11ml Testosterone Cyp daily SubQ
    The test cyp I am using comes in 250mg/2ml ampules

  • 100iu / 0.1ml HCG daily via subcutaneous injection

  • 6.25mg Exemestane every 3 days

Current Physique, Training and Diet:
I used to be obese at 300lbs 5 years ago. I lifted and did cardio and got down to 175lbs in 2 years and then dirty bulked (stupid I know) for another 2 years and was 230lbs.

I spent the last year on my TRT protocol, lifting and doing BJJ and am now in the best shape of my life at 194lbs. I have some loose skin but it isn’t too bad. Although my smart scale says I am 10%BF I think I am closer to 15%/16%. I also think my loose skin on my abdomen hides my abs but maybe I’m still too fat lol.

I seem to be maintaining this weight eating around 2,300 a day on average across a week (a couple days I eat more and a couple less). I always eat at least 180g of protein but try for 200g.

Omega Fish Oils
Vitamin D
Green Vibrance

BJJ 4 times per week
Lifting 3 to 4 times per week (bench, rows, chins, squats, dead’s, overheads, etc).
BJJ is my first priority with being strong and looking good is my second.

Blast Goal:
I would love to be 10% to 12% BF year round with a body weight of 200lbs. I don’t want to be huge and puffy but rather relatively lean with wide capped shoulders, good sized traps and a well defined and built torso. Think NFL runningback that borders on natural vs enhanced. I am hoping I can get there with a 10 to 12 week blast.

I want to do minimal damage to my body and minimise hair loss as I have noticed TRT taking its toll on my hairline.

Questions Please:

  1. I don’t know how much HCG is boosting my Free T so it’s hard for me to know how much more test Cyp to add in. I attach my latest bloods for your reference. Is 200mg per week of Cyp on top of my TRT enough? Should I add it to my daily sub q injections or do it IM less often?

  2. Should I just take Test Cyp or add in something like Anavar as well? Given my goals and wanting minimal damage to my body is there something better to add in than Anavar for getting leaner and adding some lean muscle? Assume pharmaceutical grade of everything please. I know everyone says this but I don’t plan on doing other blasts as I want maintain a somewhat natural type looking physique.

  3. I am currently taking 6.25mg (1/4 pill) of Exemestane every 3 days, on the blast what should I increase it to? 12.5mg (1/2 pill) every 2 days?

  4. Any other advice?

Thank you all for the kind assistance!

Bump your test up to the 300/w range and you’ll notice a real difference. Your numbers are good, especially considering you’re on what looks to be <100/w now. First blasts usually are 500 test plus something else, but I don’t think you need that at all. Going to 300 and adding in 50mg of anavar should give you exactly what you are looking for. Run the anavar for six weeks and the test for 12. Since you already look quite good and you’ve made huge progress from where you started there’s no reason why your ultimate goal is attainable with very little real health risks.

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I’m in a similar boat to OP. Would your recommendation be 50 mg anavar per day? Is 6 weeks a standard time frame for using this? Why not the full 12 weeks?

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I personally would feel comfortable using it for 12 weeks, but I also have a genetic gift in the form of perfect cholesterol. Most others who use anavar find that it trashed their lipids and is not great for their livers. I would never tell a stranger to do what I can do. Six weeks delivers solid results, minimal risks, and is basically what OP is looking for.

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Thanks for the explanation, good to know.

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@iron_yuppie thank you for the advice.

So is that 300 on top of my TRT or including my TRT Dose?

Am I ok to just take a higher daily dose SubQ? Or better IM twice a week on top of my TRT Protocol?

You will sacrifice some hair via increased DHT levels from even an even higher Testosterone level. Just eat more and train hard. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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No, 300 total. Probably just add 150 twice a week and keep your baseline trt protocol the same. Easier to do it that way vs trying to reinvent the wheel.

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The hair thing isn’t a guarantee. If he’s not predisposed to MPB then I would venture that he won’t even notice any increased shedding. Some of us are completely immune to that sort of issue. Other guys start going bald just looking at a vial of masteron. Genetics are wild.


I have a friend who is on daily IM for TRT and just finished a cycle. He upped his daily dose to 500mg/week. He’s done a few cycles before TRT and said he didn’t notice any difference between previously doing 400-500mg once a week and the most recent daily split. He got great results with 12 weeks on 500mg T & the last 7 weeks of it adding 50mg/day Anavar. I tried to get him to send before and after pics but he doesn’t want it online.

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Thank you @dextermorgan and @iron_yuppie

Ok so the plan is:
Test Cyp:
Weeks 1 to 12
The test cyp I am using comes in 250mg/2ml ampules, so I can up my daily dose of test cyp from 13.75mg / 0.11ml Testosterone Cyp daily SubQ to 50mg / .4ml daily via SubQ If my math is right, that should give me 350mg of Test Cyp a week + what extra test the HCG is making me produce naturally.

  1. Is my math based on .4ml correct?
  2. SubQ daily is still ok for the higher dose? Or should I just go with IM 2 times per week on top of my TRT as @iron_yuppie suggested? Daily IM sounds painful.
  3. Am I right that the HCG is making me produce around 100mg per week? Any adjustments needed here?

Weeks 7 to 12
50mg daily

  1. What is the best way to spread the daily dose? Any important timings?
  2. I have read that Anavar causes significant strength gains, what else can be expected? Any leaning or drying out look? This will be pharmaceutical grade so just trying to understand what to expect as my research has shown lots of places sell fakes.
  3. Am I lean enough now to see the real benefits of it?

Weeks 1 to 12
Should I change from my current protocol? Perhaps double To 12.5mg EOD vs my current protocol which is 6.25 every 3 days to 12.5 EOD? I ask because on my previous protocol where I was on .12ml daily (.1ml more) and took 6.25 Exemestane every 4 days, my oestrogen was outside the normal range. Please see below

Simply resume my TRT Protocol.?

Lastly, is there any supplements worth taking to minimise damage to the body and hair loss during the blast?

Thank you all for the help and sorry for the noobie questions.

The real question is what app are you using to get those screen shots?

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No PCT needed if you’re on TRT already

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I take a screenshot off the website then crop it before I post up the image.

That is not correct. Whatever amount of testosterone is being produced by virtue of using HCG is negligible at best. Once on exogenous testosterone your levels will be 100% determined by the amount you’re taking. There is functionally zero that you’re producing on your own.


That is also what I am curious about , will the addition of hcg somehow boost Testosterone thus requiring us to reduce the exo. Test. ?

Anyone know the official pharmacy price for 10mg Anavar? I am checking online and it looks crazy expensive at around $50 a day for 5 x 10mg tablets.

Do the results justify $2k for 6 weeks worth?

No. But, you may aromatize more of the Test. to Estradiol with HCG. But, only if the HCG dose is too high. 250IU twice per week won’t cause an increase in E2 in most men.

Real pharmacy Oxandrolone is crazy expensive. Not worth it at all. Just dial in diet and training. Testosterone is the only AAS you need to make gains.

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My pharmacy price was $800 for 50 pills dosed at 50mg. But that was a few years ago, so ymmv.