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First Blast of Blast and Cruise, Help?

Hello all, lurker of many forums here. First time poster.
Background: ~8-9 Years of lifting, ~4 Years of serious diet and programmed lifting. Age 23
I’ve been on “TRT” for the past 4-5 months (I was in the double digits for total testosterone from age 20 up and I had done no PED, drugs, ect. to affect it before hand)

Current Cruise:
Monday: 1mg Anastrozole
Tuesday: 500 IU HCG
Wednesday: 160mg Test Cyp, 100mg Deca
Thursday: 1mg Anastrozole
Saturday: 500 IU HCG
Sunday: 160mg Test Cyp, 100mg Deca

Blast Thoughts: (12 Week to finish bulk before starting to cut) (Been bulking on the cruise dose since I started)
Monday: 1mg Anastrozole
Tuesday: 500 IU HCG
Wednesday: 300mg Test Cyp, 200mg Deca
Thursday: 1mg Anastrozole
Saturday: 500 IU HCG
Sunday: 300mg Test Cyp, 200mg Deca

The deca is primarily for joints as I have had a couple accidents near the end of high school coupled with a terrible weightlifting coach in high school that pretty well let us destroy our shoulders, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles have all taken pretty nasty hits. I had it at 100 twice a week to hopefully also reap the benefit of added muscle mass since I had read somewhere that it takes up to 26 weeks for it to add any muscle mass.

As for the AI. I have heard not much is really necessary.
While cruising would it be advisable to take .25mg (cutting a tablet into fours) a day after injections? I thought it was around 24 hours after injecting that aromatization was at its highest?
While blasting would it be advisable to take .5mg (cutting a tablet into halves) a day after injections?
I got my labs done at around 90 days and I had Estradiol, Sensitive @ 21.5pg/ml (8.0-35 was the range). This was based on my “Cruising” info above.

I’m still fairly newbish on everything but especially on AIs. Any recommendations based on my thoughts?

Its hard for me to help with your blast when I don’t like your cruise. For starters you are running a ton of test for what you call ‘TRT’. Also, TRT doesn’t involve nandrolone in any way. Some of the pick your poisen clinics are allowing it but it has bad long term consequences for heart health. I wouldn’t run it all the time. Finally, your AI dose seems high too. HCG is about right. Do you have any comprehensive labs on your current protocol?

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I have my results from my before I went on and to ~90 days after I went on.
My total test went from 89 up to 1836 which i agree is way to high for a cruise. Most of my other values came back identical to before.
Only outliers were Slightly high “BUN”, “Creatinine”, “ALT”, and moderatley high “AST” which are similar to how they were before I went on. (I have read that all these get greatly elevated by high protein diets and strenuous training)
Cholesterol: Total:204, HDL:57, LDL:135. These are all pretty well inline with what they have been for the past 2-3 years.

My diet is rediculously clean. Baked skinless chicken, green beans, brown rice, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms, blueberries, strawberries, fage 2% yogurt, steel cut oats, ground cinnamon, paprika, boiled eggs, mustard, Macrolution Protein Powder, ReKaged Protein Powder, Animal Pak, Animal Omega, 1.75-2 gallons of water a day, hydracharge and mio (water flavor)

When I go back to cruising I plan to drop my test to 180-200 and see how i feel. I’m going to do some research into the long term effects of Deca and as long as it doesnt look bad I will probably drop that to 50-100.

Well if its working for you I’m not going to knock it. I would still consider reducing both test and AI. Drop the nandrolone or at least cycle it sparingly when you are having issues.

Arimadex has potential negative consequences on cholesterol. For me, it lowered my HDL and raised my LDL. Both rebounded to norms once I stopped AI all together.

I’m sure you will reap the benefits of a blast from doubling your doses. I don’t know how much since you are already running both compounds at moderate doses.

Thanks for the advice. On a number of other sites you get multiple people who just want to jump in say “that’s not a cruise, that’s a blast/cycle” and then offer no input on how to correct it.

I’m probably going to stick to the higher AI during the blast and when I go back to cruising, I’ll try dropping the dose to 0.25-0.5mg twice a week (Day after injections).