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First Blast Log: Test/Deca


interesting. delts are usually really smooth for me. quads tend to be hard to push through.


I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. It’s an issue of flexibility. I can’t seem to go in straight AND push the plunger without a lot of movement of the needle


Wanted to give an update on my progress. I’m on week 9 and last shot will come this Friday, then my doctor makes me go on a 10 week break. I also started HGH Peptides about 2 weeks ago.

Results have been encouraging so far. I did an inbody body composition test (it’s a digital scale) and my BF% reduces from 19% to 13% since in about two months. It also said I gained 6 lbs of muscle, which is encouraging since I have been running a calorie deficit. I was around 210 lbs when I started the cycle and now I’m at about 217, guessing that is the increase in muscle and some water retention because my physique definitely looks better in the mirror.

Strength gains have been noticeable, as well as endurance. Only negative is that although my joints feel better as a whole, my knee issues have gotten worse. I know I have a torn meniscus, so the increased cardio and leg exercises have probably aggravated that.

I’ll continue the peptides while on the 10 week break, I do think they are having an impact on my belly fat, love handles, and chest.


Awesome man! Be patient with the peptides as you will see the full benefit in 3-6 months. What will you be running your test dose at when you finish up with deca?


I’ve been running 220 for the past two months or so (high SHBG) so I assume doc will keep me at that dose.

Would there be a benefit to increase coming off the deca?


I think you should be fine. You’ll have plenty of test in your system. Put up some before and after shots


End of week 6
Weight 179.2 (night)
BP 140 /69
RHR 72

Pretty uneventful week to speak of. The initial inflammation from my hernia has pretty much subsided and I think it’s managable until January. Didn’t want to give up on the blast and have surgery right away if I don’t have to. Can’t squat or deadlift but can still leg press, hack squat and do leg extensions and hamstring curls.

Hit back super hard yesterday and my lats and middle back are really sore… that’s a good thing though. I didn’t believe in the whole deca collagen synthesis lubing your joints thing, but I can for the most part get by without my elbow braces now. It’s crazy.

I didn’t push on the glute on Monday after my shot and had some leakage but not much. I feel like I’ve hit my groove and my body is getting used to the super physiological test levels. Skin is clearing up and I have good energy over all.

Think I might do a bench PR attempt in the next week or so.

I know I weighed at night so it’s a little off, but I’m more or less 10lbs up so far. I’m shooting for 20 so I’d say I’m on track so far. I’ve been a little looser on nutrition this week, but will get back on track.

Over all feeling really thick at the moment. Not as defined but I expected that. I actually had to buy a larger work shirt as my others were starting to look stupid.

Here are a few current pics from tonight.


Damn, you a sick mofo :joy:


At least six lbs are beard gains! Haha! How’s your blast coming along? Not resorting to drinking cake batter I hope lol


Hey brother! Thanks for asking.

Only half strength cake batter LOL. Feeling pretty good. Strong in the gym, grown-up time is much better, which makes everything better.

I have noticed a reduction in cardio capacity (at least it seems like that). Are you experiencing anything like that? Do you do dedicated cardio? I wanted to start walking like physio suggested but gym time is limited. Hell my whole damn day is limited once you add the one hour commute time back and forth.


@studhammer I have noticed a little shortness of breath here and there, but since I already struggle to put on weight I’m not doing any form of cardio at the moment. My blast will end right at the end of the year. I plan on trying to maintain for 6 weeks afterwards and then start my cut. Guess that’s when I’ll kick the cardio back up. Glad your doing well man!


Yeah I couldn’t handle a long commute! I’ve got a whopping 3 miles each way, but there are lots of times where I don’t even leave work till close to 9. Hey if you like what you do I guess it’s not really work


Its fine, not super stressful but I get home at 6, change, make up some BCAA for me and the wife, meet the wife at the gym by 6:30, work out for an hour, go back home, cook, eat, clean, make the next day’s meals, maybe an hour of chill time and before you know it, its after 10.


Alright no before shot, but here I am currently and had my last shot for 10 weeks today.

I’ve gained about 7 lbs and can tell I’m definitely retaining some water, interested to see if I’ll be able to lose the remaining weight around my chest/stomach while I’m off the deca for these 10 weeks.


Looking pretty lean man! Give the peptides some time and keep working. Doing great!


Well I’m not at jackolee level yet, but pretty happy compared to where I was at the beginning of this year! Thanks for the words of encouragement!


Just keep kicking ass one day after another man!


So I’m almost 7 weeks in and the scales showing over 180 on occasion in the evenings! Was 176.4 this morning. I’m noticing that I have much more staying power with my lifts.

It’s strange. Usually when I get into a solid routine with any given split that I’m doing I find that I can push hard and really don’t get sore.

I’m wondering if I’m simply able to just push through more reps and pain while on blast, because I’m sore after almost every workout now. Not terribly, but I can definately tell that I pushed it hard. Anyone know if this is the case? @studhammer @physioLojik @flipcollar @blshaw @alldayeveryday

Killer chest session today! Feeling like I’ve made good progress in strength and size gains.

Here’s a most muscular shot from my session today


Looking killer bro. But really. Killer. I’m not functioning on your level. In my humble opinion I would say its physical and psychological. Your strength is increasing along with your aggression. Getting sore is a good thing as long as you recover. When I was at my lowest point I would train chest on Monday. After 7 days had passed and it was time to hit chest again I was still sore from the workout 7 days prior. That’s not recovery. What state do you live in?


@alldayeveryday Thanks man. I recover just fine. I’m sore the next day and then pretty much fine the following day. Thanks for responding. I swear I read and read on these forums and there are like 15 smart guys and a bunch of crazies lol. I’m in Texas. Dallas suburbs. I notice that especially with legs I can muster out 2-3 more reps where I’d usually quit or fail.