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First Blast Log: Test/Deca

Also why are you running a deficit with a tride and true mass building cycle?

I’m around 17-18% BF with noticeable fat around midsection and chest…guess that why I’m trying to cut. I’m 6’4-6’5 and 217, so obviously not caring a whole lot of muscle, but have definitely gained muscle through this cycle and beginning TRT. My goal is to get rid of that last few inches of fat and the concentrate on adding some solid mass. Guess the Cypionate/Deca Cycle May not be the best way to accomplish that, but I’m pleased with the results nonetheless.

I’ll definitely ask my doc about the blend you’re taking, maybe that would accelerate the fat burning I’m looking for? Did you get that from your TRT doc?

Yes I got it from the doc. If you go that route Make sure you have a baseline on your igf1 levels so you will know how your reacting. What is your TRT dose of test? And which ester? I prefer enanthate and run 250mg weekly for my TRT dose. That keeps me around 850 ng/dL. I started TRT September 2017 at around 155 and 15-18% body fat. The TRT and sermorelin in combo with a lot of hard work and strict diet have me to around 172 and 7-8% bf. Hopefully this blast will get me to my final goal of 185 and similar bf.

If your wanting to burn body fat you just gotta plug away in a deficit and be smart about listening to your body on when you need a refeed day. Keep the sugar low and eat six to seven meals each day. I prep everything ahead of time and it makes it so much easier during the work week. I personally try to keep 70-80% of my carbs either at breakfast, or pre/post workout and save my fats for the evening.

Now that I’m bulky my that’s a whole different story. Just doing what I can to get the calories in without eating pizza and cookies :joy:

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Do you have any before TRT pics? That’s a hell of a transformation. Nice work.

I’m on 220mg/week of Cypionate, 30 iu’s of HCG twice a week along with 200mg/week of Deca.

I was around 245 when I began dieting and working out in January, but didn’t see much progress until I started TRT in April. I’ve been low carb/keto diet but maybe I need to start adding some carbs in for refeeds.

What do you mean by listen to your body for a refeed…do you crave carbs and give in every so often, or do you just make it a point to refeed?

Here’s one of me from the summer before I started. I believe it was June 2017. From the looks of it I was probably closer to 170 here. I got a little leaner before starting TRT. So pretty much 14 months ago.

Holy shit… you did better in a year than I have been able to do in 20 years. Kudos to you. Well done sir!

First let me start off saying I’m no nutritionist, but have through a lot of trial and error tried to find what works best for me and my wife… I’ve tried Keto and it just wasn’t sustainable for me. My number one rule is to try to never sacrifice muscle when cutting. After all you worked pretty damn hard to get it built, and I felt that with keto I struggled to get enough protein without jumping out of ketosis. Your body will take excess protein and break it down into glycose for energy and this can keep you out of ketosis.

You’ve got to understand that theirs a big difference between low carb and Keto. When doing keto you are shooting for a macro ratio of roughly 70-75% fat, 20-25% protein and like 5% carbs. You are in essence depleting your bodies glycogen stores and forcing your liver to produce ketones. You then use these ketones and stored body fat as fuel. Some people can get into a ketogenic state pretty quickly, and for others it takes a while. One carb heavy meal can kick you out of ketosis, and this can dramatically halt your progress. A refeed or cheat day doesn’t really work with a keto diet. When in keto your cells are going to be super sensitive to carbs and open up and accept whatever you give them rapidly. If you decide to have a cheat meal/day I would reccomend having a pre-cheat snack with some quality whole grains or something that isn’t going to spike your insulin in a super extreme way.

When I say refeed, here’s my approach to it when cutting.

I find that 2500 calories is about maintenance for me, so I like to cut at around 2000. This equates to around 200 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbs and 35 grams of fat. I cut on this until I plateau and then either up the cardio and keep the calories the same, or cut 200 calories or so from carbs. When you have a limited store of glycogen from carbs your body slowly starts going into starvation mode which will pretty much halt your metabolism in its tracks. This has to do with the hormones leptin and cortisol. When your leptin levels get low your body holds onto fat because it thinks it is starving. This in turn can increase your cortosol which is your stress hormone. I find that when I’m cutting and am already pretty lean (around 10%) that I need one refeed day every week or two. On this day I will take my protein back to 1 gram per lb of bodyweight so lets say 170 grams. I will double my carb intake to around 400 grams, and keep fat as low as possible. This will shock your system a bit, and should help reset your leptin levels so you can continue burning fat. I like to do it on leg day which is my weakest muscle group. This way I have a ton of energy to get through the sets. Try google searching - controlled re-feed day. Their’s a lot if info to read up on. I know i need one when I start feeling week, have a lack of energy overall, and my mental clarity is not strong, but like I said it doesn’t really work in the keto world because you are using a different fuel source.

I like this approach
40% carbs
40% protein
20% fat

All whole foods, keep sugar low, lots of veggies, and split it up into 6-7 meals a day. 70-80% of my carbs either at breakfast and on either side of my workout. Save fats for dinner if i need any extra.

Right now I’m bulking so its different at 400 carbs 250 protein and 100 fat, and I’m probably going to up it by 500 calories in the next few days.

sorry, I’m running out the door, and this isn’t the most organized post just a lot of jumbled info. Anyways hope it helps.


Thanks brother. Just one day , one bite, one rep at a time. I have the benefit/curse of OCD so when I commit to something I drive everyone crazy because I go 100% all the time.

Thanks very much for this info, it’s very helpful. I guess I would classify myself as low carb more than keto. I don’t shy away from fat, but my diet consists primarily of protein, probably 60/30/10. I’ll have to get my mind past it and start adding in some more carbs to my diet, probably in the mornings and before workouts like you stated.

I’ll ask my doc about the peptides when I go in this Friday and see what she says. I assume no need to worry about interaction with the deca?

Nah. Totally different. Shouldn’t be a problem at all

If it would be helpful at all I’d be happy to put a sample nutrition day together for you based on your stats. Just let me know

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End of Week 3 - 9/27 Weight 172.0

So the scales up 5lbs in three weeks! I am starting to feel like the test is kicking in. I have more staying power in my lifts and can push through a few more reps where I would usually fail. Injections are smooth. I was originally doing Monday and Friday mornings, but decided that a true every 3.5 days would be better so I switched to Monday Morning and Thursday evening. I’m still doing anastrozole .5mg every other day and that seems to be going well. I don’t have any high E sides. My elbows and shoulders were really giving me trouble at the beginning of the cycle and the deca seems to be helping a lot in that regard. I have almost no pain in either joint and even when I push it hard I feel that I am recovering really quickly.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting was the amount of sleep my body wants right now. When I am on my TRT dose of 250mg weekly I function fine if not thrive on around 6 hrs of sleep a night. I have never needed a full 8 hrs, but now on this blast my body needs 8 minimum. I go to sleep at like 11:30pm and am still sound asleep at 7:30am. Its weird. Anyone else experience this?

I’m still eating 3500 calories daily at 400 carbs 250 protein and 100 fat. If my weight lags in the next week I will up it to 4000.

Body fat is exactly the same as when I started. Skinfold calipers read 2mm on pec, 5mm one inch to the right of the bellybutton, and 6mm on the middle of the quad. That’s really encouraging knowing that my gains so far are almost all muscle.

Acne on my back and shoulders is getting to be a little issue so I have started showering morning and night, and am using an acne body wash. Hopefully it will clear it up.

That’s all I have for this week. Lifting hard and sticking with the nutrition plan! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Sure that would be great, thanks for offering to help! I’m 6’4-6’5 roughly 215 lbs and an InBody scale has me at 18% BF.

BTW, asked my doc about peptides and got the RX written today, should be starting next week. She said it was a mix of Sermorelin, GHRP1, and something else. Will get more details when I start. Hoping that will help me shed these last few inches!

Also, just to update on my cycle, I really feel like the Deca is building up. I’m finally able to run on consecutive days…still have soreness in knees but no longer sharp pain.

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Just curious, what was the context that started the discussion? What symptom did you say you had before asking for the peptide script? They sound interesting, but wouldn’t know how to talk to my doctor about them.

All I said was that I heard they were useful for burning fat that’s hard to get rid of around chest and midsection…she said yes and wrote the RX…there was a waiver I signed.

Awesome man. Glad you got it hooked up. I can’t find anything on GHRP 1… you sure that’s what’s on your script? If your primary goal is fat burning I’d look at frag 176-191 as well. Not sure if a doc will prescribe it or not?

As for the sermorelin here are my thoughts. Best protocol for overall recovery is recommended right before bed injections. Best for fat burning/weight loss would be in the morning. You body naturally produces the most GH when your sleeping so they reccomend coinciding your shot with bedtime to maximize secretion of GH. From what I’ve read though, morning injections are better for bodybuilding/fat burning. I wake up at 5 or so to do my shots.

You shouldn’t eat two hours before or after your shot for maximum potency. They say to take your shot in the fatty love handle area with a subcue insulin syringe. I use a 31 gauge. I had trouble with belly/love handle shots. I’d get a red itchy welt most of the time that wasn’t too bothersome, but sometimes the lumps under the skin would stick around for weeks. I switched to the glute and now it’s painless and no reaction at all. The belly became more difficult the leaner I got.

Also if your looking to loose weight stay away from GHRP 6 as it can really increase hunger. There’s stories of people taking their shots and then eating a whole jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread lol!

I’ll put a sample nutrition day together for you here shortly. Like i said… not a nutritionist just know what’s worked for me. I’m guessing from your name that your around 36. Is that correct? Anyways, best of luck. Glad the deca is helping you out. Think I’m about to hot the sweet spot of my blast. Scales up to 174 as of this morning and feeling strong

Sermorelin isn’t a controlled substance like test is. You can pretty much just say your interested in the therapudoc anti ageing benefits and that should be reason enough for a cool doc. There are a tone of research peptide sites as well, but reviews are all over the place as to quality.

So I had my 20 year high school reunion Last night and all the comments on physique were almost embarrassing! Felt good though, especially when I saw that some of the total asshats in high school were not looking to hot anymore. Not blast related but thought I’d share it anyways. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


I just had my 40th and was amazed at the how most looked and how many were in wheelchairs. We had a picnic and as in the past we usually play a softball game but not this time. We couldn’t get enough able bodies to field one team,geez!