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First Blast Log: Test/Deca

And good luck with the next six weeks. Hopefully the relief continues and you make great gains as well!

How is the scale looking this week? I think you’re bulking, and I’m cutting. I was 213 this morning which is down slightly. Found it has been very hard to lose weight on TRT and especially now that the Deca is added in, but I’m confident the weight I’m losing is fat. Mirror definitely looks better.

Thanks for checking in. Just got back from vacay and was about to post an update. I’m much more experienced with cutting as I really like to have a conditioned look. If you need any nutrition help I’d be happy to offer my two cents.

I did my fourth shot this morning and was astounded at what the scale said this morning. Granted I’ve been at an all inclusive in Mexico for the past four days eating and drinking whatever I please, but I’ve gained a lot. Started at 167 and change, and today scale said 178.2. I’m sure that will drop some in the next few days when I get back on my nutrition plan, but I wasn’t expecting 11lbs in a week and a half. Here’s a current pic from this morning.

The only sides I’ve been having are a little shortness of breath for a few minutes after injection. Really mild but enough to notice. Went into some old scar tissue today so that’s always fun. Other than that it went easy.

My blood pressure is normal for me at 124/73. Pulse was a high at 88, but I had been running around.

I just bought some skinfold calipers and will be taking measurements weekly as well. First one was today and chest reading was 2mm. Belly was 6 and thigh was 5. According to the manufacturer that should have me at 4% body fat which is a load of crap, but I at least have numbers to go off of to see if I’m gaining fat.

I’m definately retaining a little water, but again I think that’s mostly my eating during the trip. No signs of the dreaded deca dick thus far. Overall I feel great and am excited to grow!

The resort in Mexico had a really nice gym so even though I ate and drank like crap I didn’t miss a workout…

Well I think that’s it for now.

Would love to hear your two cents.

My diet consists of low carb/keto with a lot of high fat meat, nuts/seeds, and a lot of cheese. I’ll throw in some fruit a couple of times a week, and a cheat meal every ten days or so.

Cardio is mostly walking on a treadmill at elevation for around 40 minutes (approx 2 miles), 3-4 times a week. Treadmill is in my garage and I live in Texas so it’s usually no less than 90 degrees, so I’m drenched in sweat. Probably need to add in some HIIT, but have not done that yet.

Workout with weights 3-4 times a week…legs/core, chest/triceps, and back/biceps, always follow those workouts with. 20 minutes in the sauna.

So we do t muddy this one up too much why don’t you start a thread in nutrition and I’ll chime in. Lots of interesting opinions on keto and training!

So my pre cycle labs came in and I thought I’d post them. No big surprises except for no idea why my triglycerides are a little high. Could this be caused by added carbs increasing my insulin?

Labs were taken four days out from my TRT dose of test so I’m guessing at 250mg I’m peaking around 850 test.

How did you get your IGF-1 so high?

I take sermorelin/ghrp2 500mcg nightly. Was around 170ish so not too bad, and now I range between 250 and 315 usually. I will have been on for a year in January and then will take a break and see what happens. Some people have been able to keep elicited levels for a prolonged time after stopping treatment.

You’re pulse was 88 when resting or when running around. If you were running and your pulse was 88 that’s excellent, otherwise, it’s in the upper limits of normal, hr will raise a bit when on gear. I know when I run around my pulse can get up to 160, and vigorous running (sprinting) can get me up to 170, hell a brisk walk can get me to 130 after a mile or two! However I’m also a fair bit younger than you are, average resting heart rate for me over the past 7 days is 67bpm

Neither really. Was doing stuff, bring groceries in, getting ready for the day etc. in a hurry I sat down and took it. So it probably would be a little lower had i trusty been in a rested state

Yea I wouldn’t worry about it unless it goes well over 100 resting (over 100 is considered tachycardia) AND you feel strange (dizzy, lightheaded etc) I mean after an intense leg session sometimes my heart rate will remain slightly elevated for hours afterwards… But if you just wake up to a heart rate over 100… Yea worry about that lol. You’re looking great btw, anyhow I’m not a medical professional take my advice with a grain of salt, excellent progress so far btw

Best time to measure RHR is right after you wake up, you’re in a truely rested state.

Thanks man! I’ll keep an eye on it. Good to know though. This is all pretty new to me so I’m just trying to be diligent, and learn everything I can. I appreciate the help!

@physioLojik would you have any idea what could cause my triglycerides to suddenly double? They are barely out of range on the above test. About two months prior to bloodwork I really got strict on my diet in order to get as lean as possible before trying to put on some mass in the fall. My HDL and LDL numbers both dropped pretty dramatically but the triglycerides shot up. Any thoughts? The last time I had bloodwork was in June and I believe my triglycerides were around 80

Adex… its known to lower HDL and increase LDL by as much as 10%

Yeah after doing some more reading on it I’m thinking of asking my doc to switch me to tamoxifen. seems like the better option

Today was a good test of strength. I was a gymnast growing up and we always had a running contest for how many solid pushups you could do in a row with no rest. My all time best was 101. I coach an acrobatics and trampoline team and we had the same contest with my athletes today after 14 sets of 10 push-ups with 10 seconds rest in between. I was still cranking em out at 100 and made 125! Tomorrow morning will be two weeks into my blast. I’ve dropped all the junk weight from vacay and am hoping the scale will read around 171-173. That would be around two lbs per week. Couldn’t believe the strength gain already! Here’s where I stand currently. Feel like I’m retaining a little water overall but staying pretty lean

Two weeks in. 171.2. That’s up 3.4 lbs since 9/7. Seems like just about the right pace. Although if I was able to keep it up that would be a 32 lb gain over the 16 weeks. :joy::joy::joy:

Halfway through week 6 and although I’m running a calorie deficit, I’m up about 4-5 lbs. seems to have come on pretty fast, as I have been holding steady at 213 the past few weeks…scale hasn’t read below 217 this week, even with increased cardio. Speaking of cardio, I have been able to amp my running up and although I’m sore, there is no sharp pain like I had previously. The deca is having profound impact on my joint health.

Regarding the peptides, is this something you think has played a significant role in your success? I’m sure I can get these prescribed by my doctor, but have not investigated at all. My primary goal at this point would be to lose the last 10-15 lbs I need to.

Awesome man. My weight hasn’t changed in the last week so I’m considering upping calories again, but at my height and weight I thought 3500 would be plenty. I’ll probably give it a little longer. How lean are you currently? I take 500mcg of sermorelin amd ghrp2 blend at a 1mg/ml ratio. So it’s 1/2 a cc every day. I feel like it helped tremendously in the abdominal fat area. I did a cut at the same time, so it’s hard to say for sure, but I know my igf1 has jumped over 100 points so I’d say it’s pretty substantial. I’ve been at roughly 167-175 for the last 9 months and have gotten leaner and leaner. More muscle mass and less body fat. Guess that’s what would be considered a good recomp. Now that I’m as lean as I’d like I’m consodering giving it a break for a while though. They say that some patients are able to keep elevated igf1 levels fairly long term. I have about 30 days remaining and then might take a 3 month break and check labs again. It’s just a bit expensive. My script runs $300 monthly and my wife’s who doesn’t have the ghrp2 blend runs $200. Hope that helps.

As far as my blast goes I’m still waiting for the test and deca to kick in. My joints might feel a little better but it’s nothing no to write home about. Strength is up, but weight is holding pretty steady. I eat really clean so it’s tough for me to think about upping calories and loosing the abs for a while. Just gonna keep hitting the weights hard and possibly up to 4000 calories.