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First Blast Log: Test/Deca

Hey guys, I’m starting a log to keep track of everything throughout my first blast. After weighing the pros and cons from another forum discussion I’ve decided to do the following blast and nutrition plan.

Current stats
38 yrs old
167 lbs
7% body fat
Was cutting at 2000-2200 calories a day
200 carbs 200 protein 45 fat. I plan one upping calories to 3500 range.

Week 1-12
600mg test e/week
300mg deca/week
.5 mg adex EOD
nolva on hand for any gyno sides
Week 12-16
600mg test e

I’ve been on TRT for about a year so know pretty well how my body deals with test, otherwise I wouldn’t have added the other compound.

Below are current pictures at 167 and around 7-8%bf

I just did the first shot, and will be splitting it twice per week. It ends up being 1.5 cc test e and .6 deca twice weekly for a total of 600mg test and 300mg deca.

I was pretty nervous so I wasn’t terribly steady. Guessing the glute will be plenty sore tomorrow after the 2.1cc shot.

Now to lift, eat, sleep, repeat. Wish me luck

Nice physique. Can’t wait to watch this…


6 hrs later and holy balls my ass is sore. I’d switched to subq injections for TRT but went IM because of the size. Oh well I’ll get used to it.

Got my first few workouts in since my cycle started yesterday morning. I’m sure it’s phycological but I sure felt stronger. My bicep tendinitis wasn’t as bad either!

Friday arms
Tricep cable push downs
Kick backs
3sets of 25
Isolation curls
Alternating dumbells curls
Cable curls
Burner sets
Cable curls
60 to failure 31 reps
Dips to failure 50 reps

Saturday legs
Leg press
Hack squat
Heavy calf raisers
Toes in 340x50
Toes out 340x50
Toes straight 340x50

Overall feeling great. My glute is pretty sore. I think I’ll push the shot slower on Monday. 4100 calories yesterday and 3700 today.

I was 166.8 this morning. I feel like I have my diet pretty well dialed in, but sure would appreciate some more experienced guys chiming in on the best nutrition.

Granted it’s only the second day, but I’m pretty pumped.

I’m on week #4 of 210 Cypionate and 200 deca (through my TRT doctor). Have seen noticable strength gains, and no signs of deca dick.

I’m trying to lose fat, and the scale hasn’t moved on this cycle. Definitely running a calorie deficit and weight is holding steady.

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Awesome man! I’m only one shot in. Next one is on the morning. It’s a mass building cycle for me. Best of luck man!

Good luck to you as well and please keep the thread updated, I’d like to see how you progress. I’m certainly not 7%, but would love to get somewhere near the 10% range. I’m in the 17-18% range now.

How did you manage to cut down to 7%? A lot of cardio, what type of diet?

I’m naturally pretty lean. Genetics I guess. I cut for a long time as well. 1900-2100 calories, six to seven meals a day… 40% carbs, 40protien and 20 fat. Finished carbs by mid afternoon and have 70% of them in the meals before and after workout. I honestly don’t do much cardio as I find nutrition is easier to make adjustments with. Also I take sermorelin/ghrp2 which I feel helps a lot with body fat. I’ll keep the updates coming. Thanks again

2nd shot went much better this morning. Aspirated and then did a slow smooth push. Hopefully my glute won’t be as sore as the first shot. Workouts have been awesome.

I’ve been trying to push it considerably harder but have to keep a delicate shoulder and bicep tendon healthy as well. All good so far. Strange to workout on my own. My lifting partner had his knee replaced last week so is out for a bit.

Calories have been between 3000, and 3700 so far. All clean foods and trying to get at least 300g of my carbs at breakfast or pre/post workout. Scale is up 1.5 lbs to 169.2. I fluxuate a lot though so who knows.

Still waiting to see if deca will help my joints. It was colder this morning and everything hurt. Lots of warm up time.

Chest today, back tomorrow, and then arms, shoulders, and legs on a quick Mexico vacay later this week.

Great chest pump today
169.2 midpoint of week 1

Lookin killer boss

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How tall are you?

@magnumd I’m 5’9”

Thanks, I’m 5’6" 165 (59)with a similar build and have been considering adding NPP to my trt blast. Looking good bro and I will continue to follow your progress.

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Thanks man. Everyone says the test will really kick in around week 4 or 5 and the deca week 6-7. Just gotta stick to the nutrition and kill it in the gym. I’m hoping to land around 180-185. Might be too aggressive, but I’d rather shoot for an imposssivpe goal and not quite make it rather than taking it too easy.

Sounds like the honeymoon phase. Can I ask why do you aspirate? I am assuming you are doing glute, IM shots. What size needles?

You should notice them both at about weeks 4-5. This is a great mass building combo and I don’t see why you couldn’t put on 20lbs at the peak. You probably won’t keep near that much but even if you kept 5-10lbs of lean muscle on your build that would be huge.

Simply to ensure I’m not injecting in a vein… and yes IM injection in glute. 23 gauge one inch needles with 3cc syringe.

For my normal TRT dose I switch to subq using 27 gauge 1/2 inch needles. One of my docs suggested it for more stable blood levels and a small increase in bang for your buck

Thanks @blshaw! I’m not sure what to expect. Everyone says you gain best on your first blast or cycle, but I’ve been on a hefty TRT dose of 250mg Test E for a year, so I don’t know if that will have an effect on the first cycle gains.

Right now my biggest struggle is just eating enough. 3500 calories of clean food is a lot!

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I think it has helped my joints, but it’s something you’ll need to pay attention to notice. My knees quit bothering me getting out of bed, shoulder left stiff, etc, but went hard on a leg day and knees were really tender the next day, but it only lasted that one day.

I just started week #4 so hopefully it keeps improving. My doctor will only allow for. 10 week on/off cycle.

I asked my doc but he wasn’t down with deca. Strange, he writes me 400mg test e per week and enough Adex/nolva for 3 people, but didn’t want to write deca. Thanks for the joint info. I was a high level gymnast so believe me every joint in my body could use some relief.