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First Blast - Is My Lifting Program Too Ambitious?

Hi Guys,

I have started my blast yesterday and this was the first week of my new program.

Please let me know if this is too aggressive as I want to maximise my first blast. I am in lock down due to Corona with an power rack and goodies at my house. I am getting loads of sleep every night and a good nap everyday.

It’s currently 6 days on 1 day off, with two sessions a day on the on days. The PM sessions are mostly accessory work. This is a 4 week program.

Any changes needed?

Enough rest for a blast?

I’m not a bodybuilder, so maybe it’s different for that goal, but this program doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Just because you have more free time, doesn’t mean you should go nuts with the volume. If you can do squats and squat variations AND Deads and all those DL variations, you are doing something wrong. There is not enough recovery time there, unless you found some magic AAS that works better than everything else combined.

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I just got my home gym. Due to boredom, I’m planning on training almost every day. To do this I have to limit my workouts. I’m planning on doing 3-4 exercises a day, with about one hard compound movement per day.

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Photos? I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours. Home gym that is.

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Here it is. Rack, power bar, squat bar, a pair of 100s, two pair 45s, two pair 10s, and 5s. Dumbbells up to 40s and as low as 20s.

I’m going to get a pair of 25s Monday if I can. I am also planning to build horizontal plate holder on wheels. I’ll also probably build some stacking boxes. Bands and better collars in the near future, and some horse stall mats. I would like a bench, but floor press works for now.

I have to be pretty careful with chin ups unless I want a sore head and a hole in my ceiling.


Pics coming tomorrow buddy

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No flaming for the mess. I am having to share the garage with the wife for her arts and crafts during this time period.

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I would recommend a platform. Super easy to build yourself. I think it was Allan Thralls video that I followed when I built mine.

I’m thinking I might just do horse stall mat over plywood. I usually like squatting and deadlifting on top of horse mats compared to wood flooring.

Your setup is sweet!

That is all my platform is. Two layers of plywood, with horse stall mats running down the side with a better quality plywood down the middle. Appreciate it.


Honestly if you combine your morning and afternoon routines that’s more of what I do in a single routine. Usually 6-7 exercises in 3-4 sets. It only takes me 45-1hr so I can’t imagine this being to strenuous.

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@blshaw thank you. The idea is to get some food in and rest so the second workout has more energy and less CNS drain.

I agree it could be done in a single brutal workout.

If you were doing a traditional 5x5 program then you could have CNS fatigues but most of the workouts you are doing are not that CNS taxing. I do understand what you’re saying/trying. I think you should either MAKE IT more CNS taxing… cleans, snatches, more DL, more squat, etc etc or add some additional exercises to each. I would barely break a sweat from either of your Day 1 routines.

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If this is actually your home gym, I am jealous of it, and your location.


there is some nice 2x a day workout here in the forum. You should look for it

It is sweet. Very nice crib.

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Too taxing? Probably not. Unnecessary? Yes.

Hit it hard, then spend the rest of the day eating properly and recovering. I really don’t see the benefit in this at all.

I also would highly suggest if your schedule allows, 3 days on 1 off. Everything would change week to week, but 6 days straight can be taxing.

@blshaw you must be in amazing shape as per your avatar pic.

I am not sweating from these workouts but 5 days in and my entire body is sore. I have been doing so much when not on lockdown (huge amounts of BJJ) that my body and brain needs extra sleep, etc.

If I added more into the program, I don’t think I could finish it to be honest. This is only week 1 of my blast and I am finding the program very demanding, likely due to the calorie deficit and fatigue I had from the last 14 months of deficit and training hard.