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First Blast from TRT Cruise

Hello guys, let me start off with a little background of myself. I am 31yo, I did my first cycle on Test E 400mg/wk when I was 23yo and had a good experience with it. Fast forward I was diagnosed with low T at the age of 29. I have been on trt since, and have just in the past few months with the help of alot of guys on this forum i have been able to get my protocol dialed in to where I feel normal. Now that I am squared away with a protocol that works well for me, I would like to do my first blast. First of all I will say this is only for general health, strength and well being. I do not compete in bodybuilding nor power lifting. So I will not be taking anything crazy or crazy doses, just something mild for 12 weeks, then back to my normal trt protocol. What would some of you with experience suggest? I’ve thought about maybe just do another 400mg/wk test on top of my 280mg trt dose, or should I add a different compound? I don’t really want to get bloaty, as I will be on a strict caloric deficit to loose some fat.

Your TRT dose is 280 a week? high SHBG? Where does this put your TT?

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Yes sir, I actually have a low shbg at around 11. My last bloodwork was on 200mg/wk and TT was 719. Here is a lengthy more in depth post of dialing in my protocol .TRT Over a Year, No Libido I will be getting my bloodwork done next week on this new protocol that actually has me feeling normal. I will post it when I get it.

Do you have e2 problems at that dose? Usually low SHBG does.

Yes, but able to manage it with 1mg anastrazole/wk. @ 200mg/wk E2 was 23.

400 + 280 for TRT (680 total), right? That sounds a little high to me. I think I’d go with 500 mg/week total for the first one.


500 per week total. You stated in your original post that you had a great experience with 400 mg/wk. 680 mg/wk is going to be harder to manage.

Yes that was taking 400mg/wk and I am assuming I had normal test levels for a 23yo. If I did a total of 400/wk now being naturally low on T, I would think I wouldn’t have the same experience. I do get what you are saying though, 680mg/wk on anyone will more than likely harder to manage. I’m pushing around the idea of doing say 400mg test/ wk and 250 tren ace/wk. Or should I not?

It would not matter after a week or so. Even at low doses (100 mg/wk) the body stops producing testosterone in a very short time.

Not only that, but since you are doing TRT with a long ester testosterone, you should feel the impacts of the testosterone sooner than when you were 23.

I also wouldn’t throw in anything else (like tren) at this point. I would keep it simple: 500 mg test/week. Then you can really tease out how different things make you feel. Don’t overcomplicate it at the start.

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