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First Blast Cycle on TRT


Hey everyone.

I'm a 26 yo guy on TRT who had unexplained low T levels and was put on testosterone cypionate injections about a year ago. I managed to get two extra vials of test and am going to use them for two cycles, so this post is about my first blast cycle since starting on TRT. Basically I just want to check in and get some feedback on how I'm doing and if I could be doing something better to get more out of my cycle. This is a lot of info, so if you wanna skip to whatever part and comment just on that, I understand.

From 4/8 to 5/8, I had increased my TRT dose from 200 mg/week to 250 mg/week and managed to gain 10 lbs in that month, going from 195 to 205.

On 5/8, I began easing the dose up to 200 mg every 3 days for the cycle (comes out to 467 mg/week), and will run that for 8-10 weeks, depending on the results. I've gained 15 lbs in the month since then, getting up to 220. My waist had increased about 2 inches since starting, but it's actually gone 'down' an inch since then. Stretchmarks are definitely starting to show up on chest, shoulders, and lats. I am using DC training, and diet is in check. Here are my current stats:

Height: 5' 10
Weight: 220 lbs
BF: around 20%
Chest: 47 in
Shoulders: 54 in
Arms: 17 in
Forearms: 14 in
Thighs: 26 in
Calves: 16.5 in

I'm looking to get to 230 by July before I decide whether to keep blasting for a couple more weeks or cruise at 200 mg/week again. I will cut down to below 10% bodyfat before I consider running another blast cycle, just to see if I like doing it that way better.

On 5/21, two weeks into my cycle, I had a CBC and CMP run. Here are the relevant results:

RBC - 5.51 (4.7-6.1)
WBC - 7.0 (4.8-10.8)
HGB - 18.1 HI (14-18)
HCT - 51.6 (42-52)
PLT - 270 (130-400)
MPV - 6.7 LO (7.4-10.4)

NA - 142 (136-145)
K - 3.9 (3.5-5.1)
CL - 102 (98-107)
GLUC - 114 (74-106) (nonfasting)
CA - 9.3 HI (7.9-8.2)
CRE - 1.2 (0.6-1.3)
BUN - 22 HI (7-18)
ALB - 3.6 (3.4-5.0)
TP - 7.6 (6.4-8.2)
AST - 54 HI (15-37)
ALT - 77 HI (30-65)
ALP - 76 (50-136)
TBI - 0.4 (0.2-1.0)

The only values that catch my eye are the liver enzymes, but they are not extremely elevated, ALP is normal, and the high intensity DC training could definitely be contributing. Test Cyp isn't too hepatotoxic. I stay away from alcohol and Tylenol.

As for supps, I've come up with a hormonal strategy to maximize the effectiveness of my cycle. I need some feedback on this. You'll also notice there are not many of the usual cycle support supps (and that's where I may get in trouble), but here's what I take per day, some in divided doses:

5 mg Finasteride - to reduce conversion to DHT, save my hair, prevent sides
50 mg Inhibit-E (ATD) - to weakly prevent estrogen from getting out of control (couldn't get Arimidex)
200 mg DHEA - for IGF-1 release, and just for kicks, since the Fin and ATD should keep it going to T
400 mg L-Dopa and precursors - for GH release and mood
1000 mg Nettle Root Extract - to bind to SHBG and keep as much T free as possible
4000 mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine - to increase number of T receptors on muscle
500 mg Beta-Ecdysterone - trying this out, but using too many supps to know for sure if it works. Hope it does, since I'm having to cap this shit myself.

3000 mg CLA - for healthy lipid profile, maybe some fat loss
2000 mg Fish/Flax Oil - for healthy lipid profile
1000 mg Vitamin C - antioxidant
500 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid - antioxidant, insulin mimicker
10 mg Vanadyl Sulfate - insulin mimicker
3 caps ZMA with GABA
3 mg Melatonin

My balls were already the size of grapes just from the low dose TRT, so I'm not looking to spend much in the way of PCT for this cycle. I might ask my doc about getting some HCG later on but even then I don't know if it'd be worth the hassle. I just plan to taper back down to my normal TRT dose. The gains should stick at 200 mg/week. Does anyone have any objections to this?

Alright, that's all I can think of right now. Wish me luck on my way to 230!


Any objections to what?


I mean any objections to how I’m running this, the supps I’m using, or how I plan to come off cycle… Thanks for the reply.


HCG IS necessary if you ever want to have kids.

However it is easily aquired on the black market and is cheap as chips.

Good plan… no problems after skimming over it…

PCT is not necessary, as you are not going to look to recovery afterwards. You just stop the high doses and continue with the TRT dose.



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Well, I do give her a little credit, because she did check my LH, FSH, GH, and IGF-1 levels, and they were all normal. After that, though, I think she threw her hands up in the air and just prescribed the test. It was easier than running more labs. So I took the script, said thank you, and got the hell out of there.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I have one more vial for another cycle later down the road. Any suggestions for a good second AAS to run with the test?


More test - upto 750mg/wk, not tapered upwards. 8 weeks, then back to TRT dose.


ask the prescribing doc for arimidex
do your research and really sell the idea
you will not be sorry specially for long term trt
you will feel so much better with it

and IME test alone really is not that hard on the hairline so the Fina may not be needed really unless you have a tendency to be a little thin anyhow


So other than controlling estrogen, what benefits would I expect from the Adex?

And yeah, I am predisposed to a receding hairline, but since starting the Proscar several months ago, shedding has all but stopped. But even on the low TRT dose (100 mg/week) that I started on and used for about 6 months, I was shedding like crazy and my back literally erupted with acne. I got the script for finasteride and things have gotten alot better. I think the acne will improve even more after I stop the nettle root extract, because theoretically it’s not only preventing SHBG from binding to test, but also DHT.


When did these hormone problems start relative to the Proscar or finasteride? We have see some have severe hormone problems from that - permanent. DHT is vital for maintenance of the sex organs and is more important for libido that testosterone.

Adex controls E, that is all. There are benefits from lower E relative to elevated, such as libido, mood, energy, assertiveness vs passiveness and more.


I didn’t start taking Finasteride until February of this year or so. My test levels came back low long before that, and the acne and hair problem had been going on for about 7 or 8 months. I’ve been very happy with the Fin so far, and I am comfortable using it because it doesn’t reduce DHT nearly to the point that, say, Dutasteride would. Also, I haven’t experienced any of the side effects people warn about; if anything, libido is higher now than before, and I can’t explain it, but ejaculate volume (like you want to know this), which should be reduced, is almost twice what it was. That’s kind of puzzling…


[quote] Brook wrote:
More test - upto 750mg/wk, not tapered upwards. 8 weeks, then back to TRT dose.[/quote]

Just go back to TRT does or do you need to taper down from 750 to the TRT dose over a few weeks. Does it matter?


No need to taper.


[quote]Tenp250 wrote:
Brook wrote:
More test - upto 750mg/wk, not tapered upwards. 8 weeks, then back to TRT dose.

Just go back to TRT does or do you need to taper down from 750 to the TRT dose over a few weeks. Does it matter?[/quote]

If using a long ester such as Enanthate or Cypionate; cease the blast injections and use nothing until levels drop to the level of your desired TRT dose, then use your TRT dose until your next blast, then frontload and repeat :wink:

In order to accurately manage levels i recommend you use roidcalc, it is very useful for those B+Cing as when coming down to cruise levels it is otherwise impossible to know when levels are low enough to begin injections… if you do not wait, levels will be significantly raised for 1-2 months (depending on blast dose).


Wow, Brook, that was really helpful. I’m supposed to go in to get my levels checked in July (thinking about rescheduling to August) and they need to be back in the normal range by then. I’ll use the roidcalc.


Just to be clear, no TRT dose at all until the levels come down to normal range, right?