first big cycle

how does this sound?
500mg sust per wk
200mg deca per wk
50mg dbol daily
novedex daily
clomid end of cycle + 100mg test once a wk for a month to help with keeping the gains

Everything looks good but I question your use of 100mg of Test at the end of your cycle. PCT should be time for recovery and the use of Test, however small, is going to hinder that. Keeping your gains relys more on recovering testicular functionality than drugs. The use and timing of Clomid, Nolva, and HCG are more important than the small amount of Test your including. Make sure your PCT is in order and your timing it right in terms of the clearance time of your AAS and you’ll keep the gains without the use of exogenous Test.

Don’t use the 100mg of Test per week at the end of your cycle… unless you plan to bridge into another cycle. But then again, I don’t suggest you bridge either.

If you want to help keep gains, throw in some Tribex during your PCT and continue using it to bridge into your next cycle. Good luck.

If you need to bridge with anything, primobolan is really the only option at 300mg/week or so. I’ve never tried it but i plan on using it during pct for my next cycle. From what i have heard it is quite effective.

this is you first big cycle? i would hate to see your small cycles. anyways, the only AAS i like post is primo for about 4 weeks post at about 250mgs/wk. this is not a bridge. simply helps stave off that post cycle dropoff. oh and a word to the wise. double your test dose and jack up that deca to 500-600mgs/wk. i dont know your training experience or other vital stats, but if you have done a few cycle alreadt then these doses are not overkill.

I agee with drago1

My first cycle was larger than this one and I had no negative side effects (excpet acne but I get that pretty easy)

You can also bridge with anavar or winstrol. These drugs do not aromatise and are minimally suppressive. They do not cause suppression directly at the htpa via estrogen.

P22, I think on another post you said if your going to bridge to do it in the morning, I think it was with dbol because it has a short half life.

I read anavar’s half life is about 9 hours, do you think it would prolonge supression if I took maybe 10mgs in the morning? I have been off for about 4 weeks and I am not crashing too hard, well maybe I guess the deca is still leaving my system, but I was wondering if I could still take a few oxandrolone tabs in the morning and still recover.

Do you have an idea on what’s the max I could take while being minimaly suppressive?

Perhaps the taper should use:

Winstrol is good, but mildly supressive in high doses, as is Equipoise.

Oxandrolone about (20mg/day or more, depending on cost) or Primo…

Or, you could use a pro-hormone. 1-Test is useful, and feels a little supressive, but not much.


Methoxy + Creatine + Iprilavone. Compreletely non-supressive (well almost) and will help quite a bit.

Also, Nolva or no Nolva, you will retain a bit of water… that’s gonna go bye-bye.