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First Bench Meet

I’ve decided to enter my first bench meet. Here’s the link, http://nfbs.webs.com//reg_form.pdf
I’m very excited about it but have a few questions. I plan on competing raw but am not sure which weight class, light-165 and under or middle 166-198. Right now I’m 180 but not very lean. I am used to weight cutting, I usually compete in BJJ in the 160’s but have no experience with cutting for powerlifting. The meet also has a division for max reps of 225. Would it be ok to do both on my first meet? If so what would be a good strategy for training max weight and max reps. Right now I’m training with a Westside Template(ME and DE) My best lifts are 305x1 and 225x10(close grip). Any other advice would be appreciated.

I would lift in whatever division you weigh when you weigh in. Your first meet is about getting numbers and enjoying the experience. I have my first full meet this weekend after a 5 year lay off and I am just looking to have fun and get some real numbers to base my training cycle on for the next 16 weeks.

Good Luck!


You will most likely lose some strength if you cut, I agree with Colin above I would just go in at 180 (get a little fat and do 185 :). If you focus on increasing your 1RM with an occasional high rep set, even once a month or so at a minimum, your 225xreps will go up. In other words bench 325 compared to 305 and I promise the 225 for reps set goes up. You only need to specialize on that when you can get 225 for 20 or more reps. Remember though speed is key when repping out. It will be after you do the max on the bench (not right after, you will have some rest). Good luck, make sure you practice the pause and a press command if they give it to you and know any other rules going in.