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First Bench Meet, First Record!


I had my very first meet today, IPA event held in Newark NJ. I went in with one goal, to break the current record for my age and weight class. Probably not the smartest idea as everyone told me to just go in and have fun for your first meet but I enjoyed and much prefered training with a very specific goal in mind... and today it all paid off. Overall the meet was one of the best experiences of my life. I met a lot of cool lifters and the camaraderie was awesome.


Opener: 365 - good
2nd attempt for the record: 390 - good
3rd attempt: 400 - good
4th attempt: 405 missed lockout

Record stood at 387lbs for 18-19year old 165lb Amateur, my goal was to break the record and the go over 400. I posted here earlier about weather I should compete in my single ply or get a double ply and in the end I just stayed with my trusty single ply Katana and it got the job done.

EDIT- 3 lifts all on youtube in one video


Great job and Congratulations! It looked to me that you had a lot more in you as well, and no doubt your going to break some more records along the way


Hey dsms, great job. I live in Jersey too, where do you train?


congrats. for me, it's tough to beat the feeling of holding a record...and it being your first meet, that's a pretty huge achievement.


400 was very tough, I was allowed a 4th attempt because my 2nd was a record so I went for 405 and I just couldnt lock it out

Right now I am focusing on rehabing all my minor injuries and going back to raw training, the RAW record for my class is 330lbs, I'd like to get that sometime before the year is out.

Someone asked where I train... Iron Lion Training in Norwood NJ. My coach (guy who gave me lift off) is John Wardell, benched 705lbs @ 220 and squatted 900 @ 220, he runs our training sessions there.


If your in Jersey and new a serious PL based gym I recommend it!