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First Bench Contest In November


So my school is haveing its yearly bench conest. I weigh in at 163 IB and will have to lift in the 150Ib-190Ib weight class for the contest. Right now my max is about 235Ib and I need to get it up to at least 250 to have a chance of placeing.

The contest in on November the 7th. Any one have any advice on this. I would love to place in my first bench press contest so any help would be great.


Boy you sure know how cut it close. There's really nothing you can do at this point to drastically increase your bench. I'd suggest doing some upper body speed work, and working on your weak muscle groups (tris, lats, shoulders, whatever).

If you're wanting to place, why not drop about 5 lbs and then cut water for the weigh in?

At any rate, the next time you need to work on a lift for a meet, it would be wise to have at least 8 weeks before the contest to do any meaningful work.


Yeah they just put up the info on it and I didn't relize it was this close. Can I really cut 7 Ib in water? How would I do that?


use a sauna, drink alot from now until a day or so before weigh-ins then stop drinking liquids, spit alot. Dont kill yourself. You wont place well if you die of the dehydration. then pound a shitload of water and some gatorade before the comp. also talk to a wrestler and get better advice from them cause they know about cutting for weigh-ins and im a big fat doof.


ok so it is possible to drop twelve pounds in 20 days. Any wrestlers in here with advice on cutting weight for a weigh in?


like the other guy said, sauna, no water. and work the smaller supporting muscle groups, benching isnt just chest.
a gallon of water is about 8lbs. from a wrestlers standpoint, take a shit, take a piss, shave your head, clip your fingernails, and get on the scale naked. each may not seem to reduce the weight that much but it adds up, you gotta do what you gotta do to drop that last pound or so. good luck!


Thanks all. I just got back from the contest and put up the 250 I needed to. I think I could have gone higher even but that was my third lift, the first two were 225 and 235, and they made us stop at three. I took third place in the 151-190 weight class and weighed in at 165. Thanks all for your help.