First BBB Template for First Cycle

Hello, after 8 months with stronglift at 40 years old, I will begin BBB next month.
I read 5/3/1 2nd edition, beyond and forever.
Which BBB template is best for a new lifter to 5/3/1?
BBB pr set
13 weeks BBB
BBB 3 months challenge t nation
BBB 5’s pro
Or forever BBB…

5’s PRO + BBB using FSL weights, but start with only 5 sets of 5 reps for a few cycles and then based on your own experience and judgement do 5x10 when you think the time is right.

If you want a change from sets of 5, you could also try
5/3/1 PR sets + BBB using 40% of your TM for a cycle or a few cycles to ease in to it, and then 50% when you think you can handle it based on your experience.

Make sure you prioritise recovery as highly as the sets and reps.

By the way, anything that has “challenge” or “xx weeks” is harder and therefore not for beginners.

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I like the 3 month challenge template.
Is it too difficult to begin the J. Wendler’s traning ?

No, but It depends on how much your overestimate your TMs :slight_smile:

Start with a very conservative TM and you should be fine. I am almost 47, been training 531 on and off for at least 5 years did BBB a few times and never had problem with recovery when TM was adequate.

Your first proposition is not BBB, that’s FSL.

From what I read, he is not a beginner.

If I remember correctly BBB is 5 PRO + 5x10 at 50%. With the proper TM he should be fine unless he has elite lift. Why complicate things?

I might be wrong but I think @oscare was steering him to 5*5fsl as it’s still a jump in volume from stronglifts. But not so big a jump as BBB. However BBB can be done at FSL weights, still called BBB.

I think most people coming off SS, stronglifts etc should go to 5*5 FSL. Nice increase in volume and gives you an idea about what works for you.

@tails1 Yes. Because the OP seems fond of BBB in particular, instead of saying “don’t do BBB, do 5x5 FSL instead” to someone who’s already decided they want to do BBB, I’d rather say “go ahead and do BBB but start with half the reps and build up to 5x10”.

Sometimes names and how you package things matters. Eg. “Jokers”. Jokers are extremely popular purely because the name sounds cool. If they were called “stretching and mobility” then nobody would do them.

@pbarr I assume he’s a beginner because his only history is 8 months of stronglifts, and he asked for the “best” program without stating what his lifts or his goals are.

Also FSL isn’t a set and rep scheme, it’s a supplemental weight. First Set Last. Meaning the supplemental movement done with the weight of the first set of the main lift. 5x5 isn’t the only way to do FSL but it is the most famous on this forum. Refer to Beyond 5/3/1 where FSL is introduced using a few different set/rep schemes, and Forever 5/3/1 where more examples of non 5x5 FSL are included. Eg. 5x10 FSL (one of many ways to do BBB) and widowmakers which are also a kind of FSL but with a cool sounding name.

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@oscare I was just trying to put myself in his shoes. If I wasn’t experimented with the program I wouldn’t understand what you are recommending.

I think vanilla Forever BBB is simple to understand and a good way to try 531 without breaking your head. I beleive from experience that once he gets a good feel of the basic stuff, he can start playing with different variations and options.

When my oldest son asked me for a program after he finished a starting strength like program, I told him about 531, he did it easily and felt weights were too light. 5x10 Squats at 50% when your TM is under 1.5 your BW is not that much to recover.