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First BBB Cycle: 5x10, Increase Reps or Weight? Change Face Pulls for Dips?

Hello guys. I’m at the first 5/3/1 bbb cycle and I would have a few questions.

Firstly, in the assistance exercices,for example, 5x10 db row. Do I need to increase repetitions or weight from a week to that? Or maintain the same weight and the same repetitions throughout the cycle?
I am bulking on 3200 kcal right now.

Moreover, is there any problem if I have in changed facepulls 3x10 with dips 3x10? thank you.

I did not see that progressive overload, that s why I ask.

Al the best.

The general idea is to do the main lift either classic 531 style, updated 351 style or 5’s pro style and then do the same movement as the supplemental lift for 5x10 at 50-60% of your TM. Then you can do your accessories at a weight that mimics the 50-60% range. For example, I’ve never maxed a barbell row but I’ve used a weight I could hit for 5x10 or 4x12-15 without causing to much DOMS or accumulated fatigue. If it was too easy I added weight the next week or vice versa.

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The BBB program as I understand it:

  1. 5/3/1 main sets (Jim seems to recommend 5s PRO recently instead)
  2. 5 x 10 supplemental lifts (ie. Same as your main lift), somewhere between 40% and FSL weight.
  3. Assistance as needed. I don’t remember this bit ever being spelled out specifically so do whatever you need to do to balance your training. I would suggest subbing face pulls out for more pushing movements probably isn’t doing much to balance your training. Assistance work doesn’t have to be progressively overloaded. This is majoring in the minors.