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First Attempts to Bulk

age: 16
height: 5’10"
weight: 158-160
so around july 10th i weighed 146, and started a mass eating / total body training routine, Chad Waterbury’s full body 8 week program
ive made some noticable gains, but some noticable weight,

I’ve gained at least 12 pounds and gone up a waist size in the last couple months, and im just wondering if 12 pounds is a healthy weight to gain in that amount of time (im not thinking ALL of the pounds could be muscle because i dont totally clean bulk, ill pig out on fast food for lunch sometimes)

How about you bulk by adding more protein per meal and up your carbs in breakfast and pre/post workout. I am starting to see a fine pattern among beginners where the concept is not fully realized.

Eating more doesn’t mean you’ll get stronger. It means you have more resources to draw from to fuel your workouts and effectively fill up your muscles.

That means… Unless you train with more intensity and push yourself harder and harder, you will be just benefiting from extra energy but not fully utilizing it ~ thus the spree of bulking beginners that look like they got fatter with a mild whiff of muscle.

When I bulk I am thinking of conquering third world countries. Not doing the same old " hard workout I’m used to ". Raise the bar much much higher. Give your body a reason to grow, and train so that you actually utilize the extra resources.

Then again… join your football team and eat everything. Eat with the linemen, be faster, stronger, and more driven to outperform everyone in the country. That should be a big bucket. Now fill it til your passion bucket overfloweth.

Up the intensity and add a dash of cardio, up the protein to 2x bw, keep the carbs below 6:00PM, and train like"you are going to conquer a third world country". I also almost forgot to mention that sleep and stress play a HUGE role in recovery, size, and strength so make sure to get your sleep and stay zen…

[quote]droozie wrote:
im just wondering if 12 pounds is a healthy weight to gain in two months.

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer answer: did your lifts go up? If so, yes.

Long answer: well, you have to figure out how much fat you’re willing to gain. Usually, about a pound a week is average, so more than that is either a gain of fat or incredible genetics (some of it may be fat gain even if you keep it under the pound a week guideline). Generally, more muscle accompanies greater strength, so if your strength went up and your weight went up, it’s probably a good bit of muscle. My favorite is to watch the belly tape-measure (because I suck with calipers). If the belly’s getting bigger, faster than it should, calm down a little on the kcals, or so. But honestly, where you’re at, you should be fine. You’re sixteen. lift and eat until people start calling you a monster in the gym, and then cut down.