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First Attempt At Making a Program

I’ve been doing CW “Waterbury Method” for 8 weeks and really like the total body training theory. I wasn’t sure what do do next, was going to do the ABBH program but wanted to switch up the rep scheme…So, this is my first attempt at creating my own program. What do you guys think?

Going for size gains, diet is in check, lots of lean proteins, healthy fats, oats etc etc…good handle on that aspect. Being a FFB, I’m trying to minimize fat gain, that’s why there is cardio every other day. Thanks for the help, and please give me suggestions where you think I;m wrong…hopefully it’s not too bad a program. I’ve been hanging around T-Nation for a while now, hopefully it shows.

5’9, 163lbs, 12% BF, 1 year training.
Supps: Grow!, Creatine, Fish Oils, Multi Vit.

5x5 scheme (no real resaon for that, just thought it was a good change from 10x3) for all lifts except deads…probably go with 10x3. 3x12 on ab exercises.

Day 1
Back Squat
Weighted Dips
Ez Bar Curls
Lateral raise

Weighted Decline Crunch

Day 2
Light cardio, 20-30mins

Day 3
Weighted Chins
French Press
Front Raise

Hanging Leg Raise

Day 4
Light Cardio, 20-30mins

Day 5
Romanian Deads
BB Row
Incline Bench
Leg curl

Ab Machine (not sure of proper name)
Weighted Side Bends

Day 6
Light Cardio 20-30mins

Day 7
Flat Bench
Standing Military Press
Close Grip Decline Bench
Calf Raise

Leg raises lying on Bench
Ab “Twist/rotation” machine (not sure of proper name)

Day 8


Read and master Ian Kings book, “How to write strength training programs”. A good precursor to this book would be, book of muscle and definetely get buffed I & II.

I think this program may be a little “light”…

I just found an older article by CW called “Total-Body Training. The 3-day-per-week, full-body workout plan”

He’s advocating 4 compound lifts per day and 2 isolation movements. I think I;m going to scrap what I posted and base one around that article. I also remembered CT articles about designing a program…gonna have to read those too.

Well, looks good to me…

Worth a try IMO

For a first workout program ever written, you did very good in my opinion. Give it a shot…no need to scrap.

thanks for the input so far guys…I’ll see how it goes…still not sure it’s “heavy” enough.