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First Annual Essex Homes Strongman Competition

1st Annual Essex Homes Strongman
(North American Strongman Inc. Membership Required of all Contestants)

PROMOTER: Michael Murtaugh

DATE: April 24th, 2010

TIME: 11:00am

LOCATION: Essex Homes, 120 Cromer Rd. Lexington SC 29073

HOTEL: TBD (Will post on Anvil)

WEIGH-INS: Day before at SC Barbell, 9600 Two Notch Rd. Columbia SC 29223

RULES: 10:30 AM

DIVISIONS: Novice LW and HW. Open LW and HW

WEIGHT CLASSES:200, 231,265,300


  1. Max Axle(Wessels rule)
    2)Car deadlift for reps
    3)Keg Series
  2. Yoke/Chain drag medley
    5)Staggered Atlas stones/Carry to the box and load

Events subject to change without notice

AWARDS:Trophies and CASH

ENTRY FEES: $50.00 (all competitors must have a current nas card).


MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Michael Murtaugh mmurtaugh1@gmail.com 803-600-3451 (Entries received are non-refundable)