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First Annual [B]rotastic [U]ltimate [L]ifting [K]in [I]nternational [N]atty [G]ames


MaazerSmiit wrote:
Credit to Captain Needa for the name.

This is a friendly competition between anyone who wants to hit the following goals in 2014:
1) 140kg/308lbs Bench
2) 180kg/396lbs Squat
3) 220kg/484lbs Dead
4) 90kg/198lbs Military Press
5) 60kg/132lbs Strict curl

Rules - as decreed by Rattlehead
M Press - Wraps and belt OK, must start from below the chin and be held at the top for minimum of one second.
Bench - Wraps and belt OK, no elbow sleeves, don't care how you do it as long as you touch the chest and lock it out. (EDIT: NO BOUNCING/STERNUM BREAKAGE)
Dead - Belt OK, no straps unless you can't use chalk, can be whatever variation you want.
Squat - Belt and even knee sleeves are ok I guess, no wraps though. Can be whatever variation you want as long as its to depth, we can all be the judge of each others depth.
Curl - See Apoklyps' post on page 8

Gotta film your claims though, the one exception is our starting weights.

There will be awards for Best Relative Strength, Most Righteous Lifting Beard, Best Bloat/Bulk, Best Bro award (first to get upper body ones) and Best Raw Dawg (uses no lifting aids at all).

Please write your maxes in the below format so it's just a simple copy and paste job.

Current competitors (Lifts listed as squat, bench, dead, press)

MaazerSmiit: 210/120/222.5/72.5x2 (kg)

Rattlehead: 170/130/190/80 (kg)

Spidey22: 355/230/445/135 (lbs)

usmccds423: 150/125/185/75 (kg)

baugust: 315/255/405/155 (lbs)

furo: na/125/175/70 (kg)

Captain Needa: 295/190/365/110 (lbs)

GarageGymK: 157.5/115/170/75 (kg)

Chobbs: 295x6/265/295x6/150x7 (lbs)

GrizzlyBerg: 445x4/315/530x3/205 (lbs)

Lorez: 267/170/na/130 (lbs)

TheFlyingFist: 365/265x2/425/185x2 (push press) (lbs)

DAVE101: 300/250/435/145 (lbs)

J. Prufrock: 315/c.250/365x3/150 (lbs)

Diddy Ryder: 125/120/200/60x5 (kg)

Pwolves17: 365/285/500(straps)/na (lbs)

Treveshenko: 175/140/210/n/a (kg)

StephenF: 315/225/405/135 (lbs)

Samson18: 360/250/495^/170 (lbs)

talc: 450^/250/505^/200^ (lbs)

browndisaster: 315/260/425/155 (lbs)

Sutebun: 170/110/165/na (lbs)

Apoklyps: 175/110x4/2306/63.6x7 (kg)

MAsteve: 160/120/200/70 (kg)

Voluminous: 180/120/200/105 (push press) (kg)

ThePitbull86: 305/235/375/155 (lbs)

Ecchastang 235/305x3/335/175 (lbs)

IFlashback: 315x4/225x7/405x1/140x11 (lbs)

PulsedEE: 365/355(dafuq?)/415/215(seated) (lbs)

Jlabs: 345/245/415/150 (lbs)

MightyMouse17: 315/240/430/150(lbs)

Rusty92: 155/120/220/75 (kg)

jbpick86: 335/275/405/165 (lbs)

pennstate29: 325/275/425/155 (lbs)

ZJStrope: 305/230X3/350/na (lbs)

I'll keep that updated as people post their current maxes in the thread, and will add new members if anyone else feels like jumping in.

Please write your maxes in the above format so it's just a simple copy and paste job.

^Seriously, do that


So I'll go first.

Current maxes

I use 531, just reset training maxes so I'll be getting most of my heavy work in from joker sets for a while.

At some point when I have 3 weeks free I'm going to give Smolov junior a run for bench since my pressing strength (and general upper body strength) is crap compared to my legs. Deads are crap too, they got neglected because "squatting builds your deadlift".

Squat is pretty much there, I've hit 180kg to pretty near parallel, so I can afford to let that slide for a bit and focus on everything else


Hell ya suckas!

Currents lifts (in kg):
Deadlift 185
Squat 150
Bench 125
OHP 75

Currently running 5/3/1 Strength Challenge template.


Meh, I'm down. Have no idea what my current maxes are since I'm not concentrating at that for the moment. I probably won't reach that by the end of the year, but it's worth the fun :slight_smile:


Stupid question from new Internet guy. Can our goals be different than those listed? (I already hit some of those numbers, not others) Are pics/video required (have issues with pics - cannot grow beard anyways).

Also, if those goals are an indicator of good strength relative to parts (ie. chest to back), man... My shoulders and chest are weak compared to the posterior. Is there a class for training "anterior chain"?


Current Maxes are:

Squat: 325 (I hit it for a triple, but that's the highest I've went)
Bench: 225 (Had more in me)
DL: 405 (barely missed 420)
OHP: 135 (I've only recently started doing this, so I'm hoping this goes up quick)

My 'real' goals are the 495/405/315/225 for each lift, but I'm good with using the metric system conversions :wink:

Weighing it at 192 @ a height of 6'2". I'm currently working with a coach, Omar Isuf.

Also, with the discussion of wrist wraps, anyone have good recommendations? I have cheap one's from Wal-mart, but they aren't the best. I'd like something a bit better, but I don't want crazy heavy duty 4 feet of length one's either lol


It's just a fun challenge for those that haven't gotten there yet. No reason why other challenges can't be added, imo. In here or in another thread. There's lots of challenge threads on here especially in the power lifting sub-forum.


Yeah, we're a friendly bunch.

It'd be good if we could keep a degree of specificity in here though, just so it's a bit easier to compare stuff. We'll all probably end up posting highlights from other areas of training though (front squats, close grip bench, push press, etc).

http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/new_prs_part_2_ This is a good thread where lots of the people who aren't busy squatting 5 plates yet post training highlights.

Happy to add your name to the list though.


Current Maxes as of Nov 2013:

Dead - 180k
Squat - 140k
Bench - 120k
M Press - 75k

Goals for 2014 that started the comp:

Dead - 220k
Squat - 180k
Bench - 140k
M Press - 90k


I'm unfortunately out boys. I already have a 420 squat and 505 dead. I will however join in on the bench (my current is 275 x 2). I will be following along with y'all's progress.

Good luck on the inaugural BULKING


I'm in a similar boat as Grizzly. Squat and deadlift are already there. Bench and Press were there 2 years ago, but I've never had all 4 at the same time. I'm probably 25 pounds off on each of those lifts. I suppose I'll be trying to get all 4 together. I've also recently decided to do some fat trimming, so maybe I'll accomplish this at a lower body weight than my current 185.

Good luck everybody!


Count me in, but I'm not training specifically for those goals so this will probably be catastrophic.

I haven't tested 1rms recently (apart from strict press) but I'm certain they won't have changed much since I tested 1 year ago (as I tested after a year of pure kettlebells so any losses I would have made by then).

Bench Press: 125kg
Press: 70kg (tested recently)
Deadlift: 170kg
Squat: No idea

I'll post a video of the above tomorrow.


Current PRs as of December 2013:

Press: 150
Bench: 265
Back Squat: 285
Deadlift: 385

As suggested by Rattle, my goal is to hit 1.5(?)/~3/4/5 plates on the big lifts, so:
Press: 180
Bench: 300
Back Squat: 405
Deadlift: 495

Current bodyweight is ~163.

Best of luck gentlemen.


Good luck to all.


these are around the numbers I want to hit this year so I'm in
Current maxs
OHP - 72.2kg (160lbs) for 2
Bench 107.5kg (235lbs) for 4
Squat 150kg (330lbs) for 3
Deadlift 157.5kg (345lbs) for 4

Currently sitting around 174lbs. Running 5/3/1 and on my 5th cycle, and yes im aware my deadlift needs a hell of a lot of work though..... I have videos on my log and am always updating it so prove won't be a problem


I'm down. Have hit the bench and squat numbers before (been a few years), never tried the dead but sure I could've gotten it and was/am NOWHERE near the press. My squat's are gonna have to be a bit shy of parallel due to several major knee injuries (only way I can squat) and I might have to sub weighted chins for mp (if that's straight) due to some lingering shoulder problems. No idea what my current maxes are, but here are some recent #'s-

Bench-225x6 (not failure, close-ish grip due to shoulder)

Squat-275x5 (hit yesterday, 2-3" shy of parallel. Most weight I've had on my back in probably 3 years.)

Dead-405 (did a few weeks ago after not deadlifting in years)

Military- Absolutely no clue. Can probably hit 135 for a triple. Might try this tomorrow for shit's and gigs.

Age- 32

Height- 5'9"

Weight- 172 at the moment

Cool idea for a thread.


My own personal goals are more modest: 1/2/3/4 plates per side for OHP, Bench, Squat and Deads... However, this is too fun of an event to not participate in. I am still claiming the original 10% handicap I asked for based upon my 'advanced age' (compared to Rattle and Spidey - where this friendly even started). But the handicap is for the thread goals -not for my more modest goals.

Current maxes (lb/kg)
OHP - 110 / 50
Bench - 190 / 86
Squat - 295 / 134
Dead - 365 / 166

6' 2" 194lbs. Despite the rules I may use a knee wrap on one leg as I have pain there.


Oh yeah, I'll attempt all of these without any gear of any kind. I've never once used wraps, a a belt, straps, etc... and I don't plan on starting now.


I'll hop in for the squat, bench, and deadlift!

Current squat: 365
Bench: 285
Deadlift: 475

Sorry, too lazy to do the kg conversion :slightly_smiling:


I may have bitten off more than I can chew here with the updates :L