First and Only Cycle

Jesus if he’s 15-17%, I must be around 18-20% BF.


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Nah I’d stipulate he’s lower than 15, the outline of his abdominals are clearly visible. I’d say 14 ish. I’m probably 15-17, same level of abdominal definition yet more fat storage around the hips

Unless he’s contracting his abdominals in the pic, then 15-17


Me at 15-17%. I swore I’d never post a pic. This is off cycle. 5’7 190lbs.

I swore I’d never post pics… but I had to. People severely underestimate their body fat.

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Hmmmmm then let’s say unreal24278 is 17%

What do you look like on cycle? Are you on trt (blast and cruise) or do you cycle / pct

Do you shave in regards to body hair? I have a fuck ton, used to bother me, not so much anymore however I’m being told perhaps laser hair removal may be wise for the hair on my shoulders and neck


That’s me on TRT. 140mg/wk. Puts my numbers at 900ish. When I blast I get up to 200-205.

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Do you notice a substantial difference in muscular mass and strength when coming off? Or do you happen to retain a decent amount barring water/glycogen retention

Truthfully, I’m about to be done with blasting. Yes, I gain up to 10lbs but it always comes back off and I settle down to 190lbs. I had low test and was about 175lb. On TRT I built up to 190lbs after about a year. After that I started blasting test at 500mg 2x a year for a couple year. Thing is, I never really retain any of that strength anymore. I always seem to settle down to the TRT balance weight. Also, the strength I get on blast is minimal and most of the weight seems to be water/glycogen that comes off quickly.

Thats why you dont use test to grow, its shit. EQ or Primo (in higher doses) would serve you better in regards to keepable gains.


I tried EQ. I gained almost nothing. Literally worse thing I’ve tried. I ran tbol 50mg ed, Test 350mg/wk, and EQ at 500mg wk. The tbol recomped me and put on a few lbs but after that the rest of the cycle was spent sliding backwards to my base weight. I’ve never ran short esters so I have supplies to run Prop/Mast/NPP. It was going to be one of my last efforts. I may toss it though.

@unreal24278 Yes I shave my chest and back. The neck hair is the freaking worst to keep up with. I got a quote to remove back and neck hair but it was 2k. Not sure I hate it that bad LOL

Y’all do realize that different bf% can look completely different depending on the individual
There is literally no way to guess…

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Not sure if I would recommend NPP for lean “keepable” gains. Only used it for 1 run but I wasn’t too impressed, nor disappointed.

I did 1 cycle of Primo at 800mg/wk and on that cycle I gained around 14lbs, I kept every single pound. And it somehow made that new body weight my “set point”, now I keep hovering around that 202-205lbs set point.


This. I do store a lot of my body fat on my midsection but arms and delts are lean as hell, sometimes I even have chest striations with no abs visible. Leads me to believe I may be lower than I think. Also, water plays a key role in how high you may perceive your BF.


Definitely tough to judge from a photo, but impossible to even try without seeing his back and legs. Although I am still pretty confident he’s over 11-12% as OP had stated.

@zeek1414 Yes of course I agree as I’m sure we all do. However my point is that almost 90% of people ‘guessing’ their body fat aim very low compared to reality.


I’ve magically gone up 5lbs in the past 3 days so… totally all rock hard gainzzz

@Singhbuilder I considered primo its just so damned expensive. Especially running those doses per week. Isn’t it also one of those drugs that’s often faked?

It depends. If you have a good source, I don’t see why you cant get legit Primo, especially if your source carries legit Anavar, which would be more expensive to produce.


It’s hard to justify the cost for most. In Aus each additional 100mg/wk used (assuming cycle is a 10 weeker) will set you back an additional 110$

Not particularly affordable. There was one source selling 10ml vials 200mg/ml primo for only 70$/ pop or something (already a red flag), turned out to be EQ from what I recall

100mg/wk of Primo for $110AUS? Wtf, holy hell, that shit better cure cancer at that price.

I get 10ml of Primo 100mg/ml for $70 australian dollars.