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First Anavar Cycle for Wife?

My wife wants to do a first cycle of anavar. She is 29, 5’4”, 140, and is pretty strong in my opinion for never having done anything. Goal is to lean out and build lean muscle.

She was thinking 10mg a day for 6 weeks. What else should be taken at the same time for liver health?

After the 6 weeks, how long do you cycle off before doing a second cycle?

When purchasing, we’ve read it is very commonly faked, so how do you know if you are getting 100% anavar? How can you test it?


She doesn’t need anything for liver health. The dose is very small and its impact on the liver is negligible even at typical male doses.

Don’t start her at 10mg, it may be unnecessary. Let her start at 5mg and see how that goes. Minimum effective dose is best practices.

As far as how to find legitimate sources I will tell you to do your homework first. If you have to test it on your own then you’re already screwed. You buy from reputable vendors who have loads of tests to back up their claims and lots of happy customers. Do not under any circumstance go to source forums. They exist to help sources. There is one member’s forum out there and the vetting process is very strict. Sources don’t get a free pass there. We cannot send you to websites for sourcing here, it’s against the rules. If you’re thinking about steroids you’ll find it’s a common place to go.


Thanks for the info. So if she does 5mg day x6 weeks… how long do you typically cycle off before doing another 6 weeks?

I would do time on equal to time off of all is going well.

Does this site not allow messaging to other users at all?

Unless she is interested in serious physique competition tell her to stay away from steroids.
Unless you are into trannies, there is nothing positive for a woman taking steroids, or for you as a husband.The negatives don’t go away.

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No, there’s no message function here. Conversation is in the open, hence the strict rules.

This is spot on. Women shouldn’t touch this stuff. Do you have any faceless photos of her she would let you post? Not being creepy here but unless she’s already very muscular she’s probably carrying 10 excess lbs which Var is not needed for loss.


Some people don’t want to compete, but want to look like they do, or look like a fitness model. And shit, some women want to look like a man too. My advise is know the risks and do your research beforehand. Be a responsible adult.

Keep in mind that steroids are around 10x stronger for women than they are for men, and that includes the androgenic effects.

Don’t be stupid and reckless. Start with a lower dose like @iron_yuppie suggested. Done correctly and sparingly you can take your body to the next level, without adverse side effects.

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Thanks for the reply, that is pretty much exactly what she’s looking for

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What substance or compound is best for fat loss for a woman? Thermogenic stuff. Along with exercise and diet.

This is BS, you ask in public and receive in public so everyone benifits. If you want one on, pay a coach.

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Lack of substance is the best answer, less food. Other than that, the most common for women are anavar and clenbuterol.

The latter will most certainly make you feel like shit in one way or the other. It has a long half-life but you build a tolerance up very quickly. I wouldn’t suggest anyone go over 100mcg/day on that. You can start at 10-20mcg and increase by 10 every 2 weeks until you hit 60-100. Personally, I’ve tried it, and it’s just not worth the side effects (jittery and crampy). It works though.