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First Act of Our New Congress



I can feel all these promised tax cuts already.


Oh, all the wonderfulness.
Here in CA, taxes are already insane.


Didnt you already know this was comming????


Oh I knew, just some people said that he would lower taxes and all that bullshit.


I don't get it, Democrats always do the same thing. They raise taxes. What makes people think they would do anything different this time around? Oh, that's right: change. Pfft.


To be fair (McCain voter here), I find it damn near impossible for ANY candidate to ACTUALLY get tax cuts done... they were both pro-stimulus (spending), so how the shit could they cut the gov't income? What's our deficit now? And then 800 billion $ stimulus? There pretty much CAN'T be tax cuts.


I feel sorry for smokers too.


The interesting thing many don't know is that taxes are actually unnecessary, as the Fed and policymakers have said for many years. Taxes are now used as an instrument of social control. For ex, want people to drive less? Raise the tax on gas. Want people to stop smoking? Guess how.

Financing the federal government by simply giving the Fed sufficient T-Bonds/bills in exchange for cash (actually computer entries) is far easier than collecting a bizarre and obsolete tax.


My political science professor drilled this one into us over the semester. He said if you take anything away from this course, it is this.


Looks like it is time for change...