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First AAS Cycle

Cycle info

400mg test E/week (12 weeks)

11mg lgd/day Weeks 1-4

22mg lgd/day Weeks 4-7

12.5mg aromasin E3D starting roughly 2 weeks in. If gyno occurs, increase to 12.5mg E2D

HCG 250iu 2x/week (Week 8-12) (inject same time as test)



Nolva 4 weeks 40/40/20/20

Clomid 4 weeks 75/50/50/25 unless emotional sides then drop dose by 25mg (Sensitive to clomid)

Aromasin 4 weeks 12.5mg E3D

This is quite a common topic and must get annoying enough but I have been training hard and consistently for a couple years but recently suffered from a couple surgeries such as an ACL and Meniscus repair aswell as gyno removal (had since puberty but got the chance to get it removed as I was recovering from knee surgeries).

The whole point of this cycle is more or less to help me kickstart my recovery and get back into feeling like myself again, or maybe even better.

One of the scars got really infected after gyno removal so I needed to take antibiotics for quite awhile causing me to be sick for an extensive amount of time, completely destroying my motivation to get back into training hard again.

I’m aware HCG may not be needed but my buddy had 5000iu and decided to wait a bit before doing his cycle and sold it to me super cheap and I’d like to be extra cautious with the testes as this is my first cycle.

I have done quite a lot of research and am planning on running this cycle soon enough.

Started back up last month and I have previously done a few SARM Cycles with good success.


Currently 165lbs (low enough bf%)

Bench was 315lbs now roughly 185lbs
Squat was 385lbs now roughly 200lbs but haven’t tried 1RM yet
Deadlift was 405lbs now 225lbs

Anything that I should change or at least take into consideration would be greatly appreciated!!

You can probably skip the Clomid altogether, especially if you have an existing sensitivity. Strongly recommend you not take aromasin during pct. That is a very bad idea and nothing good can come from it. I would also consider taking a small amount of Nolva on cycle since you have a history of gyno. Maybe 10mg twice a week. Food for thought.

this is a truly terrible idea if that is your motivation to do the cycle, unless you plan to be on for life. steroids will make you feel good until you come off, and then you’ll feel like shit. and then you’ll do another cycle to stop feeling like shit. and then you’ll be on forever.

also keep in mind that steroids accelerate muscle growth, but not connective tissue strength. This is a problem if you’re still recovering from connective tissue damage (acl/meniscus). I wouldn’t do this if I were you.

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Sorry, I recently recovered from those surgeries and am pretty much cleared for any activities, was told to avoid leg extensions but other than that I’m pretty much healthy now, just small.

Skip the AI during PCT IMO. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get atleast 6 months - 1 yr of solid training and diet just so you’re not going from 0-120… but looks good otherwise, you’re an adult.

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cool. sounds like you’re just looking for people to say go for it.

go for it.


So take the nolva and aromasin during cycle? I figured that adjusting my aromasin dose as needed would be enough, but I guess the extra nolva wouldn’t really have any negatives. As for pct what about a low dose of clomid during pct with the nolva, I’m more familiar with clomid that’s all. I’ve only used nolva a couple times during heavy sarm cycles when I didn’t have an AI. Only reason I had aromasin in pct is because I’ve read a couple studies showing that it decreases SBGH and increases testosterone levels, I’ll try to find the study but I’m not sure if all of this would even matter during PCT

Yeah good point, I think I’ll take some extra time getting back into proper routine and diet before starting everything just so I can get the best results out of my first cycle.

“There was an increase in circulating testosterone concentrations after both 25 mg (60 ± 58%; P = 0.001) and 50 mg (56 ± 48%; P = 0.003) exemestane.

SHBG concentrations were decreased by 21 ± 7% (P = 0.0003) and 19 ± 39% (P = 0.18) at 25 and 50 mg exemestane, respectively.

Free testosterone concentrations were increased by 117 ± 74% (P = 0.0001) and 154 ± 95% (P < 0.0001) at both doses, due to the decrease in SHBG and the increase in total testosterone.”

Aromasin during pct will demolish your e2. That’s bad times. As far as Nolva on cycle goes it is the recommendation given by our resident endo/guru here and I can’t find a good argument against it (especially given your gyno history). Clomid is perfectly fine as a pct drug, but the side effect profile is higher and nastier. Nolva works as well without as much risk. This whole game is just balancing risk and reward.

Okay, thank you. I’ll take aromasin out of pct and either get rid of clomid completely or at least cut the dosage in half. So during the 2 week period between my last pin and my pct should I be taking anything at all or just wait out the 14 days?

So should it look something like this?

Cycle info:

400mg test E/week (12 weeks)
First 2 pins 300mg (200mg to spare by end of cycle)

600mg test E/Week 1
11mg lgd/day Weeks 1-4
22mg lgd/day Weeks 4-7


6mg aromasin E2D OR 10mg nolvadex E3D starting roughly 2 weeks in. If gyno occurs double dose.


HCG 250iu 2x/week (Week 8-12) (inject same time as test)



Nolva 4 weeks 40/40/20/20