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First AAS Cycle

I just started started my first anabolic steroid cycle, I’ve been working out for 5 years naturally. It’s time to get shredded for summer, so I’m looking to get shredded without losing muscle. What are your thoughts about this for a beginner in steroids not in bodybuilding?what are your thoughts on AIs intracycle?

10 weeks of:
500mg test prop weekly
250mg stanozolol depot weekly 1-6

Nothing wrong with it. Details are usually helpful though…shot frequency? ancillary use? where’s your recovery plan?

Just do 1ml of test prop 100mg/ml once every other day with an AI (imperative) and you will be good. Dont neeeed winstrol on first try but if you want do 50mg a day for 4-5 weeks. dont go over 6 weeks. Plan your PCT, you can start like 4 days after last shot even.
Get everything before you start. Its very frequent injections maybe you can get something else like teste or c.

I will get on my pct few days after due to props short half life. Nolvadex clomid hcg

Bump, more thoughts?

hcg is used during cycle if you want to use it, not during pct. find out exactly what you want for pct, 40/20/20/20 is popular, i do 3 doses of 40mgs Nolva first day then 20mg/day for like 30 days and it works.
Know how much to get and have it ready, get more than you need.

I applaud your resonable dosage levels for a first cycle. Everything in the next paragraph is just things to think about, nothing is meant as criticism.

As stated in others responses the winstrol in your first cycle is not “needed”. It’s a fairly common AAS and most people handle it well. However it is DHT based and those are the ones that really mess with your hairline if you are succeptable. You might want to see what just test does to your hair especially if anyone on your mother’s side of the family was bald. There is a reason why they all say stick with just test for first cycle, what I wrote prior to this is just the easiest reason I thought would get your attention. After all you are going for aesthetics and is extra definition worth less hair if you can test the waters with a traditional first cycle and find out before?

I believe you choose test prop because it is regularly seen in cutting cycles. It does for some unexplainable reason seem to make you hold less water than long chain. Are you sure you want to commit to at least 3.5 shots a week for your test on your first cycle when you can get a long chain and do only two shots? Dont forget you will also be pinning the winny if you stick to your plan. The utimate finished product is controlled through diet. Prop will not make you burn more fat than cyp or enanthate. Just think about it if you have not already purchased your prop.

Other that what I wrote you seem to have a good grasp since you know to have all the supplies before you start. I wouldn’t even know where to dose my arimidex on 500 mgs of prop for your stated cycle length. I have only used it as a way to finish my cycles so I have always had to deal with residual long chain with the prop. I know if I was using long chain at 500 mg a week I would start with 0.5 mgs EOD and would end up having to go up by week 5-6. But I seem to need more than the next guy, that is if my UGL brand is spot on with measurements.

Have you thought about how to rotate your injection sites? I would recommend you using 25 guage needles. They are the right size to keep you from injecting too fast and that is what makes PIP worse. It’s like you can push as hard as you want but that 25 guage keeps you going slow enough to not tear the tissue around the injection site.

I will close with something I just morally feel I need to say when the situation arises; I noticed that you did not state your age. Also a rough idea of your body type does influence what the more knowledgeable members will advise.

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I use a thicker gauge needle. 22 1.5". Im not afraid of needles or anything, I’ve tried a 1 inch, but doesn’t penetrate the muscle well enough. My injection frequency is pretty high. 4x a week. I didn’t choose prop because of water or anything. It just has lower half life, so I can stop easily if I have any side effects. I have checked my entire family tree to see if we’re prone to baldness, acne, or gyno. We have none of those lol. I dunno if it’s a placebo effect or some shit like that, I’ve gone through my first week, the pumps are brutal and my mental focus is out of this
world. Yes, i do change injection sites, right and left quads. I’m on a 2400 cal diet 40/40/20. Working out 6x a week pplppl. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs (other than aas) or anything which most people my age may be prone to do.

My interest is more towards powerbuilding. So, a hybrid between bodybuilding and strength. I’ve been training for 4 years now. I had no one to teach me about it other than trial and error. I really don’t wanna mess up with aas drugs due to the unwanted side effects that may be permanent. This is the kinda shit I’d never fuckin take as a joke.

Bench 335
405 squat
495 dead