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First AAS Cycle


I’m beginning to educate myself on anabolic steroids and am really considering taking them. The first cycle I run would be 500 mg of test E a week and a possible oral steroid that doesn’t have a great AR binding ability. I’m not stupid and I know that I am undereducated when it comes to how to run my cycle safely and effectively. Because of this I know that it is imperative to do my research. All I want to get out of this forum is if I should even consider them and at what age/fitness level should I start to take them. Also any possible test cycles that work well. With that being said here are my statics:

Age- just turned 19
Height- 6’0"
Weight- 240 lbs
Squat- 565, slightly below parallel (knee wraps, about 540 raw)
Bench- 325
Deadlift- 525, only have been training that seriously for a year or so.

I’ve been training for about 6 years, about 4 seriously. I am looking to compete in powerlifting.

Thank you