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First AAS Cycle: Test E/Winny for Boxer

Ok my buddy currently boxes and was looking toward AAS to give him a boost.
his stats: 25 yrs old, 6’1, 215.lbs neither of us have a caliper but i dont wanna under/over guess so bf has to be inbetween 10-14% and has been in the weight room for a good 5years+.

hes told me that hes looking for something to give an extra edge on a little strength, endurance, and is looking to cut a little fat.

His cycle:
week 1-12: Test E, 500mg a week.
Week 1-14: adex .5mg EOD
Week 1-4: Winstrol 50mg ED
Week 8-12: Winstrol 50mg ED
PCT: Week 15-18:Nolva 40/40/20/20- Clomid 100/100/50/50

and neither of us can find a legit HCG source, but would be 250uis twice a week. if we get our hands on some.( im running a seperate cycle)

PS: is 50mg ED good or should it be lowered to 25mg ED?
( his father’s hair is thinning) (he’s a little scared of winny sides)