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First AAS Cycle: Need Opinions and Advice Please


I have been reading multiple different forums for about 3 months now, and I feel I am now ready to start my first AAS cycle. I have am still deciding on a dbol only cycle or a dbol & test-e cycle, so I could also use some of your thoughts on which one to do.

Quick Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220 lbs.
Training: 6 years
Body Fat: 13%

Week 1: Dbol (40mg ED) & Test-E (500mg EW)
Weeks 2-6: Dbol (50mg) & Test-E (500mg EW)
Weeks 7-12: Test-E (500mg EW)
*Anti-Aromatase & Anti-Oestregen

PCT: 2 Weeks after last stick
Day 1: Clomid (250mg) & Nolvadex (60mg)
Days 2-11: Clomid (100mg) & Nolva (40mg)
Days 12-21: Clomid (50mg) & Nolva (20mg)

Mon - Chest
Tuesday - Back/Traps
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Arms
Saturday - Traps/Forearms
Sunday - Rest
*Abs done M,W,F
**Cardio done T,TH
***Sit in sauna everyday for 30 minutes in hoodie post-workout

Diet is in check. The only thing I need help with is vitamins. I plan on taking a good men's multi-vitamin and then double the recommended dosages on the bottle for the following: joint vitamin, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C. Any others I should be taking?

I also need help with the anti-aromatase and anti-oestregen. When do I start taking those and for how long?

Thanks a lot for any help guys!