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First AAS Cycle Critique


Weeks|1-8 Test enanthate cycle, 600mg/wk for 8 weeks

shots taken monday morning and thursday evening

Weeks|1-8 Masteron how's 100mg3x/week sound to you bill???

Weeks|1-10 Arimidex started from Day 1, .25mg EOD and then adjust to how i feel with bloating/joint pain, reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week

Weeks|4-8 Dbol 10mg 3x/d

11th week-PCT starts

cycle+PCT finished. Will be following the Arnie advanced Program workout routine in his book, where you do 3 full body workouts with splits in a week. Will also be eating his nutrition guide in his book as well.




What are your stats? Training history? Cycle history? What is the "Arnie advanced program"?


Why the Deca?

If you don't have a joint problem then I would not recommend accepting the suppression problems that often accompany Deca.

Why not instead add something with less problems such as Masteron.

I also would not wait till week 11 before starting the PCT.


been training for a few years, my first cycle, it's a degree of level from his bodybuilding book, im gonna be using level 1 on the advanced program, very big workout load, i'm 5'11 im sitting around 180 currently, havent been working out this summer, been working alot, when i was bulking i hit 200 lbs, around 17-18% bf i'd say, max bench was 315, earlier around 195 max DL was 465, and max squat was 385. im sitting like i said around 180 or less, muscle is wasting away cuz i havent been lifting like i was in spring, Bf around 14-15 i'd say from a kinda fail cut i did. hoping to bulk up and get past the plateau i hit when i was bulking in the winter :slightly_smiling:


Personally I would try to work yourself up naturally to where you were. If you can gain 20lbs without AAS, why use them? Why not wait till you are up at 200lbs and then us them to help you get further?


What's the purpose of using deca instead of more testosterone?


you're right lover, ill cut it off the stack and save money. and also bill shouldn't i wait 3 weeks to get the gear out of my body? or two weeks does the trick?


OP, make sure if you EDIT your original post, yet want advice on you edit, that you point it out to us (or Bill in this case). So everyone is on the same page, where the OP now has Masteron he had Deca before...


Sounds like you should double check your homework; yes 2 weeks is fine to clear out and begin PCT. Enanthate=5 day half life, 14 day life. You're thinking Cyp or Sus I believe. Please read more


5 day half life for enanthate is probably too short.


Generally one does such things to lower the Androgenicity while Increasing the Anabolism.


(Not Bill - but it sounds about 50% to 100% too low to me)

(Not Bill - These doses all seem really low to me too.. double would the the least i would expect you may need - if you find you dont need any, then take the doses you first suggested as it will control what little Oestrogen you have raised)

(Not Bill - Maybe try the DB over weeks 6-10?)

Good Luck


I like what your cycle is looking like, why not start the dbol in week 3 ending it in week 7...? What kind of masteron is it, prop or enen? Me personally, I would not bother with the arimidex if I was running masteron as I feel it works just fine for controlling estrogen/progesterone (unless I was using 800+mgs of aromatizable gear, which your not)

You could use the arimidex at a lose dose for a little while in conjunction with your SERM for PCT.