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First AAS Cycle 250mg Test E a Week

Hy Guys.
I am seeking piece of advice from experienced members.
I am 30 years old Married guy.Working out on and off for about 3 years weighing about 165lbs.
I want to give it a try but I had some problems in the past.
1.I am a bald man lost my hair line about 6 years ago before I Took Finasteride for 3,4 months and gained some of the hair back but after that I began to experience Erectile related problems low libido and ejaculation problems.My testicals began to shrink and I felt very depressed and fatigued all the time.I discontinued the finastride and lost all my gained hair eventually.
2. After some years I had varicocele and shrinked left testical and the same old SIDES which I experienced from finastride.I got my varicocele removed and testicals were back normal.
3.About an year ago i took some drinks and I felt that my nipples were itchy and I felt small lumps aswell I went to a physician and he advised me to give up drinking.I DONT drink anymore.
4. I have a kid and planning to have 1 or 2 more later on.
Plz suggest if I should give it a go?
I am planning to go with Test E 250mg EW for 6-8 weeks.
With clomid nolva and HCG for PCT.

This isn’t something to dabble in. Somebody with a delicate hormonal balance such as yourself probably should abstain. You also don’t appear to have a strong history of lifting seeing as your 165lbs and admit to only working out on/off. Hard pass sir.

If you proceed, your cycle is not long enough IMO. To maximize benefits run it minimum 10 weeks but I like 12 for test cycles. Also, you are a little low on your dosage IMO.


I agree with everything @blshaw said. The only thing I’d like to add is go get your hormones checked see if you have low test. Maybe TRT is an option for you. Blasting at this point then trying to pct will probably be a nightmare for you tho

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@blshaw is correct; I would have to recommend that you pass.
I’m also curious and have to ask; what exaclty do you expect to gain from a short cycle? More specifically what are your goals for the cycle? If you’re just looking to put on some extra muscle have you considered rededicating yourself to your diet and exercise?


I forgot to mention that I eat clean when ever I am working out.
I also have about 15 to 20 percent body fat.

This is not a good idea, friend. It also seems like you don’t know enough to do this right but you just enough to get yourself into trouble.

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So friends what’s next for me?

A years worth of research, training and nutrition.