First 8 Weeks, WS Results

Bench: 275
Squat: 365
Deadlift: 385

Bench: 335
Squat: 415
Deadlft: 475 (no straps)

Next training cycle is going to last 4 weeks. I’m going on vacation to the Outer Banks and I am going to try and lose some BF. Thinking of keeping the WS routine, but doing EDT with it.
3 Board press work up to 3 reps
1st PR zone 15 min
A1 Db Incline
2nd PR Zone 15 min
Db Tri Ext
Hammer Curls
3rd PR Zone 15 mi8n
AB Pulldown
Russian Twist

Box Squat work up to 5 reps
1st PR Zone 15 min
Wall Sits 1 min
2nd PR Zone 15 min
Leg Ext.
Leg Curl
3rd PR Zone 15 min
Shoulder Press

Speed Bench 8x3
1st PR Zone 15 min
Close Grip
BB Rows
2nd PR Zone 15 min
BB Ext.
BB Curls
3rd PR Zone 15 min
Low Cable Crunches
Side Bends

Speed Box Squats 10x2
1st PR Zone 15 min
BB Step-Ups
2nd PR Zone 15 min
Leg Ext
1-leg Back Ext
3rd PR Zone 15 min
Lat. Raise
Incline Shrugs

I’m going to do this for 2 weeks and then switch the exercises.
208 lbs.
bf% around 15%, so it really is 18%?

meal 1
6 eggs 5 whites, 1 yolk
1/2 oatmeal
1 scoop Grow
1 Banana

Meal 2
2 Scoops Muscle Milk ( Root Beer)
2 TBSP Olive Oil

Meal 3
6 oz Lean Meat
1 cup mix veggies
1 apple

Meal 4
Pre Workout Power Drive

Meal 5
Post Pro/Cho Blend
serving of Gatorade

Meal 6
7 oz Chicken Breast
Salad( Mostly all spinach)
1 peach
Fat-Free Dressing

Meal 7
2 Scoops of grow w/ H20
2 Tbsp olive oil

Remeber this is going to last 1 month, goal is to drop as much weight as possible. Should receive my Red Bands soon, just in time for the last couple of weeks

any ideas on how to better this program are welcomed, but please be nice. I’m fragile

First congrats on your pr’s! You should post your log sometime. I think you might try adding some interval running 2-3 times per week. Check out CT’s Running Man article for more info.

I forgot to i plan on running wed and sat.

15-20 min

30 sec sprints and 90 sec jog

the leg eorkout is evil! sweat was just pouring down my face.



Great results. Are you planning on entering a meet?

I do not know? I think I have to get my bench up a little more to consider entering in a meet

Great progress!

Nice. Great gains.

good stuff :slight_smile: post up your results with the EDT thingy in like 5 weeks i guess.