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First 500 lb Pull. Form Check


Today I got my first 500 lb pull. Since I have swithced to doing singles, I've been steadily progressing. I'd also like to make sure my form is good because I know with heavy weight I could injure my back easily.

you can fast forward to the 1:40 mark, before that I'm just setting up


Your hips rose a little fast and it looks like you pulled through with your back and not your glutes, but you crushed it anyway so you aren't lacking the in the strength department. Very good job, man. I would personally start with my hips slightly higher and focus on pushing through the floor with your heels. After you pull it past your kneecaps just hug the bar with your hips. But like I said, great job.


Good weight, but your back rounded like crazy. Your hips are definitely too low. You need to get on TOP of the bar and own it -- your shoulders should not be behind the bar like they are. It's a deadlift -- not a squat. You are basically trying to do a squat with the bar in front of you. Notice that your hips go up about 6" before the bar actually moves. All that movement is wasted energy. Notice the position of your body when the bar starts to move and THAT'S the position you should be starting in... without the rounded back.

Don't worry about keeping your torso upright, which is what you seem to want to do, and that is what's making you pull it rather that just "stand-up" with the weight. Get the bar closer to your shins, leave your butt in the air, and sit back until your back is flat (not upright -- just flat) and your shins touch the bar. Then fire your glutes (through your heels) and stand up. Great strength, just work on that form a bit.

Be careful with that belt -- injuries that occur with a belt on are worse than those without.


Looked good. You over extended your lock out though (not that that's a big deal). I'd say good lift man. Your back wasn't perfectly straight but no one's back is perfectly straight/arched when handling heavy weight. Keep it up man, you look strong.


Agreed. When going heavy, your form won't be perfect.

Also agree, you don't need to extend your back so far at the top. Just stand straight up with you shoulders back and you're good.


Here Dave Tate is saying your shoulders should be behind the bar which I think I did a good job of, he did mention not having your butt so low which I could work on.

I will try to have my hips/butt a little higher next DL session. It's wierd though because spector says its like a squat movement, I get absolutely no noticeable stimulation in my quads from deadlifting.


Pull the slack out of the bar man.. don't just rip it.


It's hard to judge form on a pr. I mean when you're pulling a pr, it most likely wont be picture perfect.


there has been tons of debating whether or not your form is gonna be perfect during a PR, and quite frankly, the answer is no. wendler said in the last edition of blood and chalk that form is not going to be spot on, that's why its a PR. As for the lift, nice job, ya smoked it. like the others have said, fire with your glutes first, your glutes are the largest muslce in your body... use them. do some GHR's (if your gym has them, if not, then its time to switch gyms) to really learn to fire with your glutes, or start doing some lighter singles and really stress the form. other than that, looks great.


I want to post this in the other DL form check thread too but I'll start here. Since you have been progressing steadily you have not hit a wall and no weak points are starting to show up as much yet. Once you stop progressing your weak points may show up more and easier to tell what the problem is. Like others said it was fine for a 1RM, you got the lift and didn't do anything weird on the way up. Also agree with the back extension thing but changing that won't really do anything for the lift, if you can lean back like that you can just as easily not lean back.


spector? a deadlift is not a squat.