First 3 shots have been Hell, Advice needed

Newbie here. I am doing 100mg / week. The injections have been horrible. First two times I did my quads, and most recent my glute. I have had horrible big cysts and the most recent in my glute I can barely walk. Insane swelling and I cant get comfortable laying down or driving my car. I am going to get some antibiotics tomorrow but has anyone had these types of reactions? Am I doing something wrong with the shots? any feedback much appreciated

Shooting quads I’m told is usually pretty painful. Therefor it’s not a very popular pinning location. Lots of nerves there. What size needle are you using?

Delts, lats

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Your muscle need to get used to the injections.
What size needle are you using?
What type of test are you using?
Doctor prescribed?
If it doesn’t get better over the next few shots then your body may not agree with the carrier oil.


You sound like you’re using a large harpoon to inject. You should be using 27 to 31 gauge insulin syringes and inject in the deltoids.

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Listen to systemlord.

I use 30 gauge needles. I do shoulders and quads. Shoulders is always painless… and usually quads are too.

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I use 29G and shoot shallow IM into glutes almost exlusively and have never had an issue. Also no problem with delts but just stick with glutes. SubQ sucked for me, just felt off.

You cleaning the top of the vial and the skin with alcohol… right?

First time I self injected I had an 18 to draw and a 28 to shoot - got so excited I forgot to switch the needles and shot with the 18 and bled like you would expect.

What ester are you using?

Follow proper protocol as mentioned - alcohol wipe the top of the vial, the skin before you shoot, the skin after you shoot.

Personally, I reuse needles but it’s not recommended. I have been doing it for a long time.

I also shoot subq in my belly often to alternate from my glutes. I have shot quads before but they do get PIP.

If you’re shooting Prop, that might be the main issue, otherwise check the carrier oil if you are using smaller than a 29g needle.


I haven’t cleaned a bottle top or spot of injection in years. Never had an issue. I just don’t touch the top of the bottle.

This is not very good practice. It literally takes 2 seconds.

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I know. Just haven’t.

Try subq in your glutes. I’ve never had any issue beyond the occasional blood squirt. No discomfort at all.