First 12 Weeks T Cycle. HCG Dosage/Anavar Mix?

Hi. I’ve been looking for the past 2 weeks informations about everything you need to plan for a first T cycle,----- to make it short I’ve done my homework.

Though there are some questions I couldnt find answers to until I start asking my own!

I’m 23.
Been working out for 4 years.
I’m 168lbs & 6"2

Here’s my cycle plan:

  • 250mg T/week
    - 50mg Anavar/day (?)
    - Arimidex 0.5g/ EOD (From my first pin to my last or if I start feelings some boobs growing only?)

Week 1,2,3 : No HCG
Week 4,5,6 : HCG (1000iu/week) (500monday & 500friday)
Week 7,8,9 : No HCG
Week 10,11,12 : HCG (1000iu/week) (500monday & 500friday)

-------------LAST INJECT---------------


-------------14 DAYS AFTER-------------
Begin PCT.

day 1: 100mg Nolvadex
following 10 days: 60mg/day
following 10 days: 40mg/day

Q1: I’ve heard A LOT about the basic 500mg of T/ week plan but apparently, for a first cycle, 250 is quite enough, thus minimizing the side effects. So would 250/week + 50mg Anavar/day be a better combination for better results?

Q2: I’m not quite sure with these HCG dosages & the intervals of intake. I’ve read you shouldn’t take more than 3weeks in a row to avoid desensitization of the balls and a lot of other reasons, so wait three weeks before resuming the same formula. Is 1000iu a week a good dose for 500mg of T/week or 250mg of T/week?

Q3: The side effects of Chlomid sounded really harsh, that’s why I opted for Nolvadex only since it’s the most common used PCT & apparently works out well. Thoughts?

Any advices welcomed! Thanks.


Just, no.

No first cycle for you. Seriously, dude.

What did you spend on the Test and the anavar and the Hcg and the arimidex and the nolva? Total cost. How much?

Money is not really the problem, but it’ll go between $300-$350 for all the products included. From syringes to the PCT meds.

I’ve actually been thinking about it for a around like a year but read I’d need four to five years of training beforehand.
I feel like that’s your issue with me cycling but if it’s not, why do you think I shouldn’t start my first cycle now? Thanks.

There are several reasons, but for starters you would almost certainly be short cutting your potential. You’re 168lb at 6’2". That’s extremely light. You most certainly could put on another 30 lbs naturally before ever touching a needle. You are also pretty young to start. I don’t like seeing people under 25 using but to each their own. Finally, your cycle is a mess.

Q1: No your suggestion is not a better combination although not the worst idea I’ve heard either.
Q2: No your HCG dosage and timing makes no sense.
Q3: Yes Nolva is a good PCT drug solo but your dosage is too high.

It’s not about time, it’s about progress. Some guys can “train” for 10 years and not see much progress.

For perspective, not that I’m any kind of standard, but I’ve never used gear and I was 6’2" and 170 in high school before I really started training. You’re a bit smaller than that after several years of training, so something’s wrong.

My issue is that you’re phenomenally underweight after four years of working out, so it’s pretty clear that your training and nutrition need serious and immediate overhaul. Adding anabolics to your current situation is a Band-aid on a bullet wound.

You’d be much, much better off taking that $300-$350 and hiring a qualified coach and/or nutritionist for a couple of months to make tremendous progress and establish effective habits without the potential long-term side effects of running a cycle as an underweight young adult.

Or taking that $300 and buying a barbell set for your home, so you can train more often. Or taking that $300 and buying a month or two-worth of high-calorie groceries to put on some more size.

What did you weigh last year, when you started to think AAS were the solution to your problem?

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This is the only thing I was reluctant about. I’m afraid to throw off my hormone balance & waste the 2/3 next years of exponential testosterone my body could naturally provide, but overthought that a T cycle right now could only bring better results. Anabolics are just way too tempting when you’re surrounded in your gym of guys that make steroids seem like an easy path.

Thanks for the tip, even though this one hurt a little bit lol. Some ego slap can only be effective for the body though. I’ve been training for 3 years and a half actually, since the end of high school where I went from this to this.

I’ve been training 5 times a week ever since so I dont think the problem is that I don’t train as much as I should. (Is it?)
I think I simply should eat more even though I thought I was already eating a lot. Will stop depriving myself from what I called “too much carbs” before, & ALL sugars. Maybe stop focusing on becoming lean, stop with the abs persecution, double training some muscles instead etc. And eat more.

Let’s say I come back in 2 years with 30 more pounds and ready to start a cycle. What would a good HCG dosage be for a classic 500mg of T/wk be?

Thank you.

You nailed it. You don’t look like a body type that should abstain from carbs. That being said, you should know your body better than anybody but I would certainly experiment with different macro ratios. For me, when I go ‘low carb’ I flatten out and lose muscle.

Use one of the online calculators and find your approx. maintenance calories. Then shoot to eat at least 10% above that for awhile as long as you can handle the food.

I supposed it doesn’t hurt to answer your question about HCG. Personally, I’ve not liked using it but in general terms guys can use it during cycle and up to but NOT during PCT. Typical doses range from 800-1000iu per week split into multiple pins. I’m not advising though just providing you the typical info I’ve experienced and read about.