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Firm Slaps and Fists of Steel

It kind of sucks that I have to start this log today. I know what I look like, haha, but I’ve been training on and off for years, and needed to get back on track for the past few months. And since I had the day off, I figured I could start today.

Instead of giving my story first and then describing the goals, I’ll just state my long term goals, since by doing that I’ll have to recount my story. This log will largely be me tracking my path to getting back into shape, and then eventually, getting into better shape than I’ve been in before.

My Goals:

Improving Body Composition: I started full time work in September after graduation this summer, and it’s taken a toll on my fitness. I never realized how good I had it when I was in school–I had loads of time to train. Nowadays on weekdays I have to get out of the house at 7:15ish AM for work and get home at 7:15ish PM. I ended up putting training to the side, ate a worse diet than I ever have, and now I’ve gained around 10 pounds, while losing muscle, and just generally looking a lot worse. I looked pretty fit starting my job, and now I look kind of fat more than anything. It all happened so quickly, too.

Improving Strength: For the same reasons as above, my strength has taken a big hit. However, the thing about strength is, I was never really strong to begin with. I want to get stronger on the major lifts–squat, deadlift, bench press, pull ups.

Fix My Hips: This one is more immediate. I get a lot of pain in my right hip when doing squatting or similar lower body motions, as well as cardio. Pretty much any strenuous lower body activity will leave my right hip in severe pain for at least 5 days afterword, but usually longer than a week.

I’m leaving the long term goals as general as possible, intentionally. I think having specific long-term goals really hurts me. They eventually turn into mental masturbation–an easy way to replace the real thing (actual accomplishment). I use specific long term goals to assuage my nagging urge to make something of myself: I let myself get away with unproductive days by telling myself that it’s okay since I have a great long term plan. Not sure how much sense that makes.

I WILL, however be coming up with short term goals, regularly–at the most a month in the future, but as short as a week. My first short term goal is to get to them gym consistently for the next week. That means AT LEAST 4 times. My work schedule is tough, but I will try to get to the gym in the mornings before work, at 5:00AM.

My split for now will be a simple bodybuilding split. This is it:

Monday: Chest, Abs
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Arms, Abs
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Shoulders, Abs
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

By next week I should have some aesthetic as well as athletic goals for the next few weeks.

Note: The above picture is not me–I’m a man. Don’t let the low weights below fool you-lol

January 1, 2014: Arms, Abs
Close Grip Chin Ups- 5, 3, 2 (focused on a very slow eccentric)
Close Grip Bench Press- 458, 958, 1355, 1554, 1853
Dumbbell Preacher Curls- 20
8, 305, 256
Dumbbell PJR Pullovers- 308, 508, 608, 706
Spider Curls- 4010, 6010,8
Machine Dips- 708, 1208, 1705~ (form not to great on last rep)
Hanging Leg Raises- 8, 6, 5
Cable Oblique Twists- 50

I wasn’t shocked at how weak I’ve become, but it still wasn’t too great. I was shocked however, at how bad my conditioning has become–I felt sick towards the end of the workout. Hopefully that gets better quickly.

Afterword I stretched and foam rolled my hips. First time I’ve done it, and it hurt like hell, but I didn’t notice that when I tried some bodyweight squats afterword the pain was a little less. That’s a good sign. Got the ideas from this video:

January 2, 2014: Legs

Came to the gym at 5:00 in the morning, and did this:

Front Squats- 455, 955, 1353, 1553, 1652 (bar slipped off of me)
Dumbbell Reverse Lunges-15
6, 305
Romanian Deadlifts- 45
8, 958, 1358, 1656
Leg Press- 90
8, 1808, 2706, 3206
Hack Squats- 90
5, 1405
Leg Extension- 50
8, 708, 906
Leg Curl-606, 1106, 140CRAMP, 1056

My conditioning is awful I had to rest a lot in between sets, and after the first three exercises I was as good as useless. I think when I get used to going to the gym so early, and my conditioning gets back to normal the weights on my lifts will go up a lot.

Before and after the session I foam rolled my hips again, and again it helped a lot during the workout. Over the next few days I’ll find out if it really helped. Normally it’s hard to move around a few days after legs because of my hips.


January 03, 2014: Shoulders, Abs
Standing Military Press- 458, 755, 955, 1053
Arnold Press- 258, 404,4
Bent Over Lateral Raises- 158, 256,6
Cable Rope Upright Rows- 3015, 508, 706, 806
Cable Face Pulls- 808, 1008,8
Dumbbell Lateral Raises- 208, 306,5
Hanging Leg Raises- 10,8,6
Cable Oblique Twists- 5010, 708

Foam rolled and stretched hips before and after training.

Arnold Presses are out, putting in DB shoulder press in their place next time.

I’m thinking maybe I need to do less exercises, but more work sets on each exercise, keeping total volume about the same.

Yesterday I didn’t have a workout scheduled but I decided to go to the gym and try out some back and core exercises to possibly use for the week, as well as get some back work in since I think my back is a weak spot.

January 5, 2014: Back, Abs
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns- 7515, 1058, 1356, 1656~
DB Rows- 408, 608,8
Bent Over Seated Cable Rows- 505,5,5,5
HS Front Pulldown- 30
6, 506, 706
Cable Pullovers-1006,6,6
Meadows Rows-25
8, 458
Standing Cable Crunches- 60
Standing Cable Twisting Crunches- 60*8,8 (per side)

Meadows Rows were pretty good, will keep them in.

January 5, 2014: Chest, Abs
Incline Bench Press- 4512, 958, 1355, 1853, 1952
Flat DB Bench Press- 35
8, 508, 656
Incline DB Flyes- 208, 306,6,6,6
Hanging Leg Raises- 12, 11, 5
Cable Oblique Twists- 70*8,8,8

Was supposed to do back today, but I was sick. The weather here in Toronto is disastrous. Looks like it’ll be getting better by the end of the week though.

January 8, 2014: Back, Shoulders
Wide Grip Pull Ups- 5, 4, 2
Deadlifts- 1355, 1855, 2253, 2751
Standing Military Press- 458, 955, 1053, 1153, 1253, 1353, 1452
DB Shoulder Press- 30
8, 458, 606
DB Rows- 408, 608, 808
Meadows Rows- 25
8, 508, 756
Bent Over DB Lateral Raises- 156, 256,6
Cable Rope Upright Rows- 408, 608, 806, 1006
DB Lateral Raises- 108, 208, 255
Face Pulls- 80
8, 100*8

Thursday, January 9, 2014: Arms, Abs
Close Grip Bench Press- 4515, 958, 1356, 1853, 1953
Close Grip Chin Ups- 5, 4, 2
Dumbbell PJR Pullovers- 30
8, 508, 709
Dumbbell Preacher Curls- 258, 355
DB Floor Press- 358,8,8 (focused on contraction here, not weight)
Spider Curls- 30
8, 508, 608
Hanging Leg Raises- 12, 6, 6
Cable Oblique Twists- 70*8,8

January 12, 2014: Legs
Front Squats- 455, 955, 1353, 1652, 1752
Dumbbell Reverse Lunges-20
8, 306, 405
Leg Press- 1808, 2708, 3606, 4506, 5006
Leg Extension- 50
8, 808, 1105~, 906~
Leg Curl-60
6, 906, 1206, 135*4~