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Firm Marble Sized Lump after Test E Injection

4 days ago inject 1ml of Test E 250mg
Yesturday noticed a small marball sized lump very firm appear in the location of injection. There is no redness or itching just a lump I can feel and see.

This is my first cycle 6 weeks in, i have had issues with swelling with almost every injection but always goes away before next injection. I’m only using my glute as injection site.
I’ve tried warming the area up and massaging it to try and see if it goes down but nothing yet.

Could this be oil build up or scar tissue build up? And advice on how to help it go away or if I can inject that same glute again if it is still there? Have the cheek on thursday

It’s probably just oil. If you’re getting pain and swelling with every injection you should make sure your technique is good. It shouldn’t be painful after you get the hang of it.

It took me about 10 days for a red one to disappear

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Okay thank you

As stated above it’s probably just oil that hasn’t fully dissipated yet. I used to get these occasionally in glutes and delts. I’ve heard guys mention scar tissue but I’ve ran cycles that involved 9 shots per week more than a few times and never had had problems. Maybe try rotating injection sites, other than that don’t stress it. Just stay sterile bro!!

Okay, I might give delts a go, and give my glute a rest while the oil disperses.
Yeah I always make sure everything is completely sterile defs dont want an infection…

Longer needle.

Good question there, how long of a pin are you running. Also don’t rush it and push it too hard. Nice and slow, steady administration when objecting oils. But yea bro you’re probably fine, I always rotate injections sites tho.

Using a 25g

The gauge is fine, I preferred a 25g as it seemed easier to push through but 23g is great. I’m assuming it’s a 1 inch?

damn i have lumb again on the same area

but it seems like doesnt happening on the another side of my glute

I found putting shower to quiet hot directly on the spot while massaging it fairly hard for a couple of min I noticed it was almost half the size when I got out and even less in the morning

Yeah 1inch I use

If hot water helps the situation it’s wht I expected, your muscles just doesn’t allow the oil to spread out or dissipate at a “normal” rate. Is it underground gear? Only reason I ask is because occasional lumps at the injection site are one thing, but getting them every time is odd. Having said that, if there was a real issue with your gear you would probably have an abbess, and not of the sterile kind. With some injection sites you can get near where muscles meet or “in between” the muscle. Make sure you’re hitting the right spot in each injection. There is always the chance that your body is different and just takes its time absorbing the oil. In any case, if they don’t hurt, burn, or become permanent, I wouldn’t stress it. Just pay attention and makes sure it doesn’t ever seem infected in ANY way.

Okay, yeah I use underground, just opened a new vial and injection was the best I’ve had in all 7 weeks. No leakage of oil from hole and little to no blood. No pain at all and no redness or swelling maybe the batch was a little bit bad or I just hit a sweet spot that my body took well.

That’s good news bro, glad to hear it!!